Mystery Jets and Alexis Taylor @ Hoxton Hotel, 15th May

Published on May 23rd, 2013

Launching the new Apartment rooms at the Hoxton Hotel last week were intimate performances from the Mystery Jets and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor.


Surrounded by people fuelled on free cocktails, the Mystery Jets cut through the boisterous atmosphere with a compelling acoustic set – opened with a fantastic rendition of ‘Someone Purer’. Barely inches separated the five-piece from the jostling crowd, who sung along to every word in the well received ‘Young Love’ and ‘Radlands’.

Considering the Mystery Jets are more used to playing larger venues in front of substantially bigger audiences, it was refreshing to see a band almost ten years old still have the drive to put on a good show in what could simply be considered a bar, albeit a beautiful and very contemporary one.

After the Eel Pie island group had finished their 45-minute set, Hot Chip’s frontman, Alexis Taylor, took the mantle of entertaining those in attendance with his versatile DJ set. Playing a mix of harder hitting modern tracks with older RnB numbers, Taylor ensured that the evening didn’t stagnate once the headline act had finished their performance.

Frequently mobbed by individuals for photos, the trendily-coiffed artist remained unfazed and played his eclectic selection of music unfalteringly for an hour. As his set came to a close, the crowd began to disperse from one of the nicest venues in east London I’ve had the benefit of visiting (even if it is rather quaint).

Unfortunately the free cocktails were not as appreciated the following morning.