Deville – Hydra

Published on March 26th, 2013

Sweden rocks. Cold, hard, & sharp metal, a mix of stoner, doom and modern rock. OUT NOW!

Deville make metallic stoner rock, but their third long-player Hydra is more upper than downer. The souped up Sabbath riffs, have an added aggression, and even a radio friendliness that owes as much to rock’s current big hitters such as the Foo Fighters as it does the bands stoner scene contemporaries. The keywords here are speed and drive. And though there are grooves aplenty, laid back is not an option. Over the album’s eleven tracks the pace set by album opener Lava hardly relents save for the slower Burning Towers and the band’s more doom/stoner moments.

The band have talked of a more traditional approach to songwriting than was evident on their previous two albums (2007′s Come Heavy Sleep and 2009′s Hail The Black Sky) with an almost 70s FM feel on the chorus of album closer Stay A Little Longer. Added to this new found (almost) commercialness are some tasteful art-rock adornments such as the middle eight on Lava, and the production on The Knife where they’re crafted a guitar wall of sound that sounds like sheets of metal coming off a production line.

Over The Edge and the vocal-less Battles Will Be Born will keep the stoner fans happy where the band stretch out and indulge in some grungy riffing that’s as dark as an Arctic winter. Special mention must go to drummer/producer Markus Nilsson as Hydra has one of the best production sheens of any of the albums I’ve listened to over the last few months.


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Rating 7/10

Hydra is released on Small Stone Records on March 25th 2013.