Foals – ‘Holy Fire’

Published on February 1st, 2013

Almost five years to the day after the release of their debut album, Foals’ fantastic new offering ‘Holy Fire’ is due to hit shelves early next month.

Since announcing the forthcoming release on their Facebook page back in October last year, ‘Holy Fire’ has grown into one of the most hotly-anticipated albums in 2013. It’s safe to say the Oxford five-piece’s effort doesn’t disappoint.

It wouldn’t be fair to Foals to walk the trodden path in describing their sound as one which has ‘evolved’ from album-to-album; admittedly there are tracks on their third offering that sound different to those on predecessors ‘Antidotes’ and ‘Total Life Forever’, but there would be no longevity or interest in the band should this not be the case. And in the case of Foals, these appear to be two things they have in abundance.

Through their previous two studio efforts, and with this year’s release, Foals have seemingly carved themselves a niche as a band that have developed a series of varied, yet trademarked, sounds. New tracks My Number and Out of the Woods are based on the extensive fretboard work previously heard on Miami and Red Socks Pugie, whilst Providence and debut release Inhaler combine heavy drum-beats with Yannis Phillippakis’ extensive vocal range much similar to previous efforts Spanish Sahara and Alabaster.

‘Holy Fire’s’ introductory track, the slow-burning Prelude, is an adept way to start the album, with the soft vocals of Yannis being delicately entwined amidst the whining guitar of Jimmy Smith and the domineering drumming of Jack Bevan. The flawless production of the track is apparent throughout the whole album, which is intricately mixed and consistent throughout.


‘Holy Fire’ is due for release on 11th February 2013.

FOALS have premiered the video for “My Number.” Watch here