Gozu – The Fury Of A Patient Man (Out now)

Published on April 24th, 2013


Boston’s Gozu return with a second album of adrenalised modern rock. OUT 22/4/13

Proof that Detroit label Small Stone Records is as much about rock’s present and future as it is about paying homage to ’70s rock salad days comes in the form of this latest album from Bostson’s Gozu. The Fury Of A Patient Man is the follow up to 2010′s Locust Season, it manages to mix grunge, metal, and several other strains of rock – classic, heavy, stoner and modern are all present among the record’s ten tracks, making for a surprisingly coherent one-sitting listen.

The closest comparison bandwise would be QOTSA, though there are other traceable influences; the sped up punk metal of Motorhead, Foo Fighters’ ability to mix hi-energy riffs with melody, and the grungey alt-rock of Soundgarden.

Front man Marc Gaffney’s lyrics centre on inner pain and anger, which over the band’s take-no-prisoners style of playing do indeed invoke a sense of fury. This righteous anger permeates the album though there is room for some light relief, as on Salty Thumb which sees the band flexing their glam rock chops, its stompy, brash verses giving way to falsetto sung choruses.

Disco Related Injury has the band in full on rock riff mode, stripping down their sound so it hits heavy, the closest track on the album to classic heavy rock. Former porn actress Traci Lords gets a song named after her, though it’s difficult to connect her story to the track’s lyrics. The track has a slight slowing of pace compared to the rest of the album, and a more textural feel to the band’s playing.

Charles Bronson Pinchot is Gozu at their punkiest. It’s not too difficult to imagine the song being an early Damned track given an American rock makeover. For the album’s final track, The Ceaseless Thunder Of Surf, the band stretch out after the song’s opening three minutes of standard verse/chorus rock into stoner/prog territory. Improvising with a one-chord jam for a further vocal-less twenty minutes, it highlights another side to the band, and fits in nicely with the Small Stone aesthetic.


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Rating 8/10

The Fury Of A Patient Man is released on Small Stone Records on April 22nd 2013.