Hatebreed – The Divinity of Purpose (Nuclear Blast) OUT NOW

Published on February 1st, 2013

Hatebreed explode back onto the scene with more crushing positivity…

Hatebreed are potentially the most ‘when you listen to X, you know exactly what you’re going to get’ band ever. Over the years they have consistently put out fast, aggressive metal-infused hardcore replete with front man Jamie Jasta’s trademark pissed-off-yet-head-held-high attitude and ‘shout at the world’ vocals. However unlike with some bands, this is far from a bad thing.

Though in recent years they may have veered more towards the metal edge of their sound than some die-hards would’ve liked, this has opened them up to a whole new audience (as proven at their Bloodstock appearance). ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ is further likely to bring these two crowds together in unison, if only they could stop arguing who looks tougher.

Opener ‘Put it to the Torch’ is a statement of intent with rapid-fire riffage giving way to huge beatdowns and from the off you’re getting that sweet Hatebreed fix you were looking for. Raging on at lightning speed, ‘The Language’ is the ultimate hardcore thrash song with a colossal half-time beat and thrashing through the verses, before ripping into a solo which heads straight back into the mosh.

In addition to the venomous vocals spewed from Jasta at any given opportunity, there are a few surprising melodic sections here that give ‘TDoP’ a bit of extra depth. ‘Indivisible’ is as much punk-rock as it is hardcore with massive gang-vocals throughout and double time verses. ‘Boundless’ also throws some singing and lighter guitars into the foray, as well as being a total circle-pit anthem in the making.

That’s hardly to say Hatebreed are going soft. ‘Dead Man Breathing’ has definite Slayer overtones, while the title track slowly builds into a huge call to arms with Jasta finding yet another way to tell people they’re not on their own over some brutally heavy riffs.

There are healthy doses of everything that makes no bullshit metal or hardcore so invigorating on every track within this album and it’s testament to Hatebreed’s writing that the formula hasn’t grown tired just yet.

Put simply, ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ is exactly what you want from a Hatebreed album. Stick it on and it’ll make you want to take on the world. If you’re looking for their venture into dubstep or wondering if this is their double concept album, it bloody isn’t and you knew damn well it wouldn’t be. This is huge, driving, angry metalcore with mammoth beatdowns all over the show and let’s face it… Who doesn’t like mammoth beatdowns? Idiots, that’s who.