Published on February 5th, 2013

This ‘MAGBOOK’ is obviously aimed at the beginner DJ market. I would say that it is a pretty good start, but to those who are looking to enter into a career of DJing after falling in love with some superstar DJs or house music or clubbing or whatever, should tread very carefully. The publication is full of recommendations of what exact model of DJ mixer you should use, exactly what software you should use etc. and I am always cautious of being informed by a commercial magazine about exactly what gear you should use in someone else’s opinion. The best thing to do is to find out for yourself what suits you. Always start at the beginning… but this is just my opinion.

The magazine is very well laid out, and I can see it attracting a good readership. Also the magazine includes an opportunity to win a top notch music production course. This is something good about the magazine, that it crosses over into territory of production as well as sequencing etc, as opposed to just the act of DJing. It is also realistic in it’s approach of describing how people DJ today – as in the use of technology and the newer methods involving USB sticks and digital techniques instead of 12” vinyl records.

The magazine is a great place to start, but in order for anyone to become an established DJ or even just to become any good, takes time, commitment and learning by doing, not simply by reading a magazine. Second to that is surrounding yourself with the types of people who you want to become such as other DJs, music lovers and most importantly who are WAY better than you. Go forth and learn.

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