Introducing DJ Philly Phil…

Published on February 11th, 2013

I’m pretty sure we’ve said it a number of times before but here at we go out of our way to find artists and groups that we believe infuse their music with passion, creativity and a little bit of something different.  Now to clarify, that “little bit of something different” varies from artist to artist, group to group, track to track, but you know when you hear it.

Subba-Cultcha was introduced to DJ Philly Phil by the track “My City” and after going through the above check list and ticking every box we decided to get in touch with Phil Worthy to find out a little more about the man behind the DJ…

SC – How are you? Where does this Q&A find you?

PW – I’m doing great actually, just enjoying life. I’m currently in Houston, Texas with my family.

SC – How did the recording sessions for your latest release go? Did you achieve all you’d planned to?

PW – It went well. I created some great fresh tunes and possibly some hits. I achieved everything I needed to with these latest songs and I feel like they may be the tracks I needed to separate me from other artists.

SC – What goals did you set yourself before you started recording? Did you do anything differently this time, on purpose? If so, why?

PW – My main goal was to produce top notch songs for my fans and to put my all into each song. I never believe in “wasting” songs or just making a crappy song for no apparent reason. I take pride in my music and would not want the world to hear bad quality songs and associate them with my name. I won’t cheat my fans, I shall give them great music just like they deserve.

SC – What do you feel are your own limitations when it comes to creating/writing music?

PW – The only limitations I have faced are financial. I can write and produce the song with no problems, but when it comes to booking studio sessions, buying studio time and paying for publishing, it can add up pretty fast. I dont have thousands of dollars stored away for studio time so that can become a problem at times.

SC – What do you consider to be your best 3 songs, and tell us the inspiration behind them?

PW – I would say My City, Chill Zone, and Music is My Motivation. These are my latest three songs and I have to say, they are my favourites so far. I like “My City” because, it’s a hype song that is meant to pump you up and is a definite club jam. I like “Chill Zone” because, it talks about the place we all have in my mind where we can escape reality and be in our own world and be at peace( a “Chill Zone”).And “Music Is My Motivation” is a great inspirational song that just talks a little about how I used music in my own life to motivate me to get through challenges and issues in my own life.

SC – What do you love and what do you hate about life on the road? Tell us your funniest tour experience yet?

PW – The road life is great. Even though you are leaving your loved ones to live your dream, just remember that you are going to places where the people/fans can’t wait to see you. Your fans always love seeing you as well and I love my fans. Most of my tour experiences were awesome but I can’t think of too many funny experiences at the moment but I know I will have some in the future.

SC – How would you describe your own/bands sound, or what do you hate being labelled as?

It’s a very unique mix between old school rap and new school hip hop. I consider myself a poet that uses rap to express my ideas. I can also sing which most people don’t know yet but I have an impressive voice.

SC – Who is currently moving you musically at the moment?

PW – I would have to say Kendrick Lamar. He’s a great lyricist and one day I hope to collaborate on a song or two with this guy. Outstanding musician.

SC – What album changed your life and why?

PW – Michael Jackson’s Thriller album is STILL great to me! Michael is a good example of what kind of artist I want to be and appear as. I want my sound to be unmatched and all my songs to be hits. He worked hard on every one of his songs and I plan on doing the same.

SC – If you could erase one single/album from history (your own or someone else’s) which would it be and why?

PW – I would say my first album “Mind Of A Dreamer”. It was my first project and honestly, it isn’t my best work and I don’t think the songs can compete with the quality of songs I create now. I love all my work but that’s one album I would reconsider.

SC – A rumour you’d like to start about yourself, or one you’d like stopped?

PW – I would love to be known as the Saviour of Hip Hop or the Next Big Thing In Music. I know that’s bold but It’s the truth. I don’t want to be just another rapper….I want to be bigger than that.

SC – The revolution comes, who would you like to be first against the wall (and if you’re feeling particularly bitchy, a second, third, fourth and so on…)?

PW – haha, It doesn’t matter to me. Whoever deserves to be on the wall?

SC – Best piece of advice you’d give to aspiring musicians, or the best piece of advice you were given when you started?

PW – Best piece of advice I can give aspiring musicians is to be different. Don’t try to imitate or copy other peoples styles or traits. You have to offer the people something they haven’t experienced before.

SC – If you’re in a car going at the speed of light, and someone turns the headlamps on, would they do anything?

PW – hmmm….well no unless you have LCD lights in which case you will see the lights even with the speed you are going. However, if your car is going that fast, I’m pretty sure you’re going to get pulled over and get a ticket.

SC – What are you favourite tracks on your ipod/in your cd collection and why,  in no order?

1. Dom Kennedy -My Type Of party (very mellow song to vibe to)

2. Tupac- Changes (Just an overall great song)

3. Kendrick Lamar- Backseat Freestyle (His delivery in this song is amazing)

4. The Weekend- Wicked Games (vocals are great and the song is awesome)

5. Stevie Wonder -Living for the City (I love the feel that this song gives, and Stevie is an excellent singer)

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