Lord Fowl – Moon Queen

Published on November 15th, 2012

Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974, it’s a scientific fact.” – Homer Jay Simpson. OUT NOW!

Homer’s views on rock and roll may raise a smile, but actually he has a pretty good point. In the post-Hendrix era, with Zep in their prime, both sides of the Atlantic were turning out decent heavy rock groups, and it was well before all the hair metal nonsense. I reckon there’s plenty of folk that would agree with Homer, not least most of the bands on Small Stone Records of Detroit.

The latest album in their steady stream of hard hitting, retro rock releases is Moon Queen by Connecticut based four-piece Lord Fowl. It’s firmly rooted in 1970s heavy rock, though that’s not to say there aren’t other influences that shine through. ’90s grunge flavours the album’s title track, and later there’s a touch of power pop in the catchy chorus and twin lead guitar on The Queen Is Not Impressed.

The band have a well oiled ability to rock out (check out the full on Foo Fighters style heavy sections on Split, or the driving rhythm of Streets Of Evermore), but they never forgot the all important roll, as evidenced on the bass heavy, slow rolling riffs on Mutate and the band’s take on Iron & Wine’s Woman King.

Though far from a concept album, the central character of the Moon Queen pops up from time to time, lending some continuity and weight. More depth is added by the album’s more prog-rock moments – the intricate dual lead guitar playing on Hollow Horn, along with the outer space fascination explored via the lyrics on Pluto. Aside from these slight prog leanings, it’s an album choc full of heavy, heavy rock and as Homer knows there ain’t nothing wrong with that! All hail the Moon Queen!


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Released on Small Stone Records 9th October 2012

rating 7/10
Moon Queen by Lord Fowl