Mother Of God – Anthropos

Published on February 26th, 2013

An earthy, heady brew of grunge, stoner and classic rock. Fine debut from these Swedish rockers. OUT NOW!

Sweden, much like Jamaica or good old Blighty, produces an astonishing amount of quality music considering its population size. Whether it’s the classic pop melodies of Abba, the intelligent and moving indie of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and The Cardigans, the modern folk-rock of The Amazing, or the heavy grunge rock of Dozer and Dungen. It’s the latter genre that best describes the music made by Mother Of God.

The four-piece band hailing from Morgardshammer, have just released the debut album following two low-key EPs. While it has a firm foot in the retro, stoner rock camp for which Small Stone Records are well known, there’s a nod to both the classic heavy rock of Led Zeppelin as well as the mutant grunge of ’90s Seattle.

There’s also the band’s own fearless Nordic stamp which makes for a heady, earthy and organic brew. With the music alternating between the assault of driving riffs, moody and textured passages, and occasional forays into almost jazz-rock sections, the band seem equally at ease with tight and controlled riffage as they are with stretching out and improvising.

Hats off to the band for including one song sung in Swedish (Graenslandet). Elsewhere the lyrical bent is steered towards the eternally mystic nature of life, death and all in-between, knowingly and winningly vague you could say. All in all a fine effort. Special mention goes to guest musician Pierre Swärd for his organ playing on three tracks. If there ever been a better complimentary flavour in rock than heavy guitars and a B-3 Hammond, I’ve yet to hear it.


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Released on Small Stone Records 5th February 2013.

rating 8/10