Supermachine – Supermachine (Out 14.05.13)

Published on May 13th, 2013


Built like a Sherman tank, here come Supermachine with some heavy, groove-laden rock! (Out 14.05.13)

It’s a commonly held theory that the ’70s was the decade when rock peaked. That’s a contentious point of view though as rock music from the ’90s is currently getting a re-appraisal as well as a make-over from a number of groove metal acts.

One such band is New Hampshire’s Supermachine. Much like their label-mates Gozu, Deville and Sun Gods In Exile, they make rock that has a foot in both decades. Rock music that’s heavy but not at the expense of melody or soul. It has a nod towards the alt-rock of bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, as well as the god-like Metallica. Big sludgey riffs that are not frightened of leaving a little space, back up by a ballsy, solid rhythm section.

Though this is their debut album, the band have history, several members having played together in a string of bands, most notably Scissorfight and Hemicuda. The addition of newcomer David Nebbia on vocals completes the latest formation. It’s a line-up with chemistry and feel. Take a listen to “Broken”, hard-hitting in the heavy section yet almost as funky and tight as James Brown in the breakdown section.

Other highlights include “MT” with its Cobain-esque chorus, (further evidence of the timelessness of ’90s rock), “Heavy Bullet” where the band show its bluesy side, and the chunky riffing on “Crutch”. The band dynamic is evident throughout, the three musicians combining to make a sound that’s bigger than the sum of it’s parts. The bass in particular works overtime in giving them a groove. Newcomer Nebbia ably holds up on vocals, his melodies as inventive as as the backing. A solid effort.


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Rating 8/10

Supermachine is released on Small Stone Records on 14th May 2013.