Introducing a Radio Station exclusively playing Unsigned Bands

Published on January 30th, 2013 is an Internet Radio Station that broadcasts to the World from Sheffield UK .Our mission is to provide a vehicle to showcase the work of, as yet, unsigned artists, bands and songwriters.

We know that there are 1000’s of talented musicians, singers and songwriters all over the world who’s music is totally ignored by mainstream broadcasters.

It’s not because the material is rubbish. Rather it’s because it’s not being pushed by recognised record labels and most mainstream radio stations just can’t be bothered to take the time and trouble to make their own judgements about unknown acts – they won’t take the risk of playing something unfashionable, experimental or different.


So, fills this niche – it gives genuine music fans a place where they can hear original music and judge for themselves.

It provides a place for self-promoted artists to get their music played and the power of the internet means that the music can be heard worldwide 24/7.

ALL GENRES – ALL LANGUAGES – WE PLAY DEMOS TOO ! plays all Genres of music – anything from country to hip-hop, from rock to reggae as long as it’s Original not Covers and ‘Unsigned’.

We play songs from all over the world in any language too. And we are more than happy to play song demos from bands and songwriters as long as the audio quality is good.

Bands and songwriters should initially submit their one BEST SONG via

It would be great if you could give us a mention and let your readers know about this. We want more listeners to hear this music – and more bands to send us in their tracks. We don’t send rejection letters – we just play their stuff … no quibble !

KInd Regards


Mike Evans

PS Beyonce and David Bowie need not apply !