Published on February 5th, 2013

Through the looking glass of once being part of the wondrous Tinariwen, this band are a must-see funky, desert blues trio gracing East London’s cosy venue CARGO.

So if Terakaft means Caravan in Tamashek, the tongue spoken by the band members originating from Kidal in Mali, then I personally shall without a doubt step into their cosmic caravan and take a ride through their World Music, Bluesy, Funky, Wind-Swept rippling sounds. With three voices harmonising and guitar strings being played perfectly in between and on the lines and reminiscent of the late Ali Farka Touré, you could fit the bands sound into most moods.

 The Tuareg trio consisting of Liya Ag Ablil, aka Diara and his two nephews Rhissa Ag Ogham and Sanou Ag Ahmed are masters of their calibre and play with conviction and precision. Combining upbeat funky riffs and chill out melodic twangs, the Terakaft guys play songs referencing the effects of the Islamic militant insurgence in Mali, of families displaced, of violence, loss, sadness and defiance, and cover many feelings and words that impact the listener one hundred times more than one of those silly Pop love songs you hear on the radio.

Lucky enough for us they are playing at one of the most personal music venues that still has that big grandeur sound to it in London. This one-off show should be a special one and a memorable night for everyone.

Having released their fourth album last year, one should expect a fair few impressive numbers to be pulled out the Terakaft Caravan of sound, and what better place to do it than a building with a roof arched like the top of an old Gypsy Caravan.



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Indulge your eyes and ears in this live video of the band below.

Terakaft – Aïma Ymaïma live session www.worldvillagemusic.com