REVIEW album Darrin James Band Strange Storm

Rock, Blues & Funk - A Study Of World Affairs

Strange Storm

Darrin James Band

There's a lot of negativity in the modern-day cultural landscape.

Political unrest and chaos, worldwide violence, greed, and divisive issues between rightists and leftists dominate headlines and become common themes in our day-to-day lives.

Music is a storytelling medium capable of conjuring thoughts and emotions more so than spoken words. To use this art as a way to synthesize world affairs is a commendable feat, and has been accomplished by the Darrin James Band of Ann Arbor, MI.

Releasing "Strange Storm", Darrin James examines the figurative "storm" human beings experience at some points in their lives. No one is free from it, as current events can affect households, as well. The tracks "Walking in the Footsteps," "All Around Us," and "You Never Know" project a myriad of indescribable reactions to our surroundings.

"Walking In The Footsteps" places the listener in the shoes of the narrator. The prominent guitar blends wonderfully with the guarantee that "we will all make it to the promised land." It encourages appreciators of folk and blues to consider another person's perspective. How did they become who they are today? What life events shaped them?

An upbeat, bluesy tune, "All Around Us" quashes doubt that the world is void of turmoil. We can't wear rose-coloured lenses, but on the flip side, we have the power to create our own happiness and make the most of the world as it is.

A possible epilogue, "You Never Know" captures Detroit, MI's music scene with an intense blues rhythm. The tempo is at the right spot needed to express the story behind this song: a deeper look at the root of world issues, to which Darrin James is drawn.

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