REVIEW album Agency PolitiKARAMA

The Relationship Between Civilians & Political Leaders



Political upheaval, unfairness and consequences aren’t uncommon in current events, but could the actions of leaders negatively affect our lives?

Choosing to remain a clouded mystery, defining themselves only through song and not personal views or home lives, indie soul/R&B, rock and electronic group Agency chronicles the shift in leadership styles and promises made by those in power (some of whom are elected by a nation’s public).

Entitled 'PolitiKARAMA' and released through Anticodon Records, Agency’s latest album inspects the invisible yet close relationship between civilians and influential decision makers. One person’s actions can be for the greater good.

Since this group doesn’t reveal much about themselves, other than their aptitudes, music listeners are motivated to learn by their writing, performing and recording.

The album’s second track, “New Americana”, tells the first part of the story: the way we live is constantly changing, and sometimes it’s up to us to keep this in check. Strong rock and acoustic vibes were a brilliant mix to this song. It intensifies the message and effectively communicates the singer’s observations.

“Livin’ In America”, the fifth track, contains more soul and house, which matches this chapter of an ongoing narration. It details a stereotypical person aged 18-49 residing in the United States, and what they may see, hear, or feel in their respective home. They’re interested in the impact of politics and are curious as to how they coincide with the way society is run.

This album was produced intelligently and with precision. It’s recommended for supporters of independent music and followers of national politics.

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