REVIEW album Memory Flowers Atoms (single)

Relish Every Bit Of It

Atoms (single)

Memory Flowers

Oh, this is lovely.  Memory Flowers sings to you as if you're an old friend along for the ride.  I've always loved his voice: warm, rich, and distinctive (I honestly can't think of anyone to compare him to).  And these qualities are there in abundance in this latest single.  There are so many elements here that I adore... the soaring strings, the euphoric trumpets, not to mention the whimsical "Please tell the aliens I said hi."

And then there are these words:

"Promise me you'll always try, even when you are tired,
Promise me you'll always fight
A good clean fight..."

Beautifully resonant given what's going on in the world right now.

I genuinely loved this song and am taking Memory Flowers' advice to "just relish every bit of it."

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