REVIEW album Nahedar Hello Abyss

A Circus Ride Courtesy Of Nahedar

Hello Abyss


An accomplished songwriter, Nahedar gladly welcomes fans of high energy-fuelled music mixed with moments of calmness to her audience.

Releasing her latest album, 'Hello Abyss', in March 2017, this artist throws curves at the listener by boarding him/her on a topsy-turvy circus ride. Each track is vastly different from the next - slowly maturing as each one is heard.

Working from the bottom up, "Sotah", the final song of the album, saves the best of Nehedar's talent for last. Her true, raw talent protrudes through the bluntly-sung lyrics.

"Happy Birthday", the fifth track, serves as a bit of a plot twist for the rest of the release. Normally, you could consider a birthday as a celebration, or, if it's someone's milestone, as an important time of his/her life.

Nahedar makes a point of changing the entire context of wishing one well on a birthday. Instead, the lyrics and sound are much darker in terms of the overall mood.

It's Nahedar's indirect way of letting her listeners gaze into her personal life, without revealing anything through words. In this situation, the phrase "happy birthday" is acknowledging the continuation of an inner conflict brought to the surface.

It is, however, up to you to decide what this conflict may be, and how it's affecting Nahedar's day to day life.

'Hello Abyss' takes on a bittersweet vibe with "You're Beautiful When You Fall Apart." She shows a sarcastic admiration towards someone who has possibly hurt her, by seemingly mocking them when they're in a bad state.