Christine leakey

Christine Leakey


Once upon a music time, a 10 month old baby named Christine began to whistle. Then at 3, she sang made up songs to her dog. She took piano from a belching nun at 9 and taught herself guitar at 22. Christine formed bands and wrote hundreds of songs. Now Christine has released her deeply personal debut solo album that puts a fresh spin on fusion and begs a new definition with every listen.


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  • I love this Dream Pop song, it takes me to a place of longing in my heart for a special someone that may have or may still exist in an ethereal dimension. So dreamy and hauntingly beautiful.
  • Been watching Christine Leakey for a bit from the Big Island. Dreamy. 'Walks Like an Angel' will follow you down the sidewalk, follow you to bed, tuck you in and kiss you goodnight. Lyrical, gentle, yet raw. As a guy, makes me want to carry here books.
  • I reviewed the first album, Tapping Trees In a Trinket Box, a few years back for my now-dormant blog. This sounds like a completely different animal , though: wheareas Tinkets was an exotica folk romp, this new single is thoroughly Californian folk/psych/pop updated. Linda Perhacs, of Parallelograms , shows up here, and the vibe is decidedly between a Redwood and Laurel Canyon. You can soak your head in it.