Irish Artist Eimhin Release New Single 'The Lough'

Published on May 31,2023 by Sarah Cappelli

Ahead of his tour of Europe, Australian-based Irish artist Eimhin has released new single 'The...

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'Destiny Road' From Gary Dranow & The Manic Emotions Is A Reflection Of The Human Spirit

Published on May 30,2023 by Taylor Williams

Gary Dranow's blues rock album, 'Destiny Road,' is a remarkable debut that encapsulates the raw...

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Soulful Collaboration: Breezy Casanova And Sally Sossa Shine In 'Proud Of You'

Published on May 30,2023 by Jade L

"Proud of You" by Breezy Casanova featuring Sally Sossa is a captivating R&B track that showcases...

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Smooth Adult Contemporary Pop From Singer-Songwriter James Millier

Published on May 28,2023 by Mia Jenkins

The latest offering from British talent James Millier is sure to sweep you away with its...

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Franetic French Rockers LES LULLIES Release “Mauvaise Foi”

Published on May 26,2023 by Chad

France’s high-voltage rock ‘n’ rollers Les Lullies have just released their hotly anticipated new...

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Conrad Ashton Returns With 'Hi Hi Hello' After A 2-Year Hiatus

Published on May 26,2023 by Jade L

Conrad Ashton, the incredibly talented artist who captured our hearts with his soul-stirring...

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Psychedelic Rock Band ‘Standin’ Man’ Drops Latest Single ‘Changin’ Wind’

Published on May 25,2023 by Alice Smith

Psychedelic inspired Rock n Roll band ‘Standin’ Man’ release their latest single ‘Changin’ Wind’,...

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Vancouver’s The Get Arounds Release Gritty Power-Pop Album “I Wanna Live”

Published on May 24,2023 by Chad

Vancouver’s premiere power-poppers The Get Arounds have just released their new full-length...

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Corner Club Pull On The Heartstrings In 'Dreaming'

Published on May 24,2023 by Sarah Cappelli

'dreaming' is about the mourning of a loved one. While Covid was tough on us all, some of us had...

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Thomas Cole Releases 'Up In Smoke' With Video Featuring Rudy Bundini

Published on May 24,2023 by George Davidson

Thomas Cole, the charismatic party starter and pop sensation from New York, takes the center...

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