Gary Mictian Releases New Single 'I Die Every Night'

Published on March 23,2023 by George Davidson

'I Die Every Night' is the new release from London-based producer and songwriter Gary Mictian. He...

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Brightwell & Moran Deliver In Flawless Manner

Published on March 22,2023 by George Davidson

With the release of 'Bare Boards,' Brightwell and Moran deliver in a manner that is flawless. The...

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Electric Sufi Address Climate Change With ‘Breathe In Life’

Published on March 21,2023 by Laura Phillips

With the intention of drawing attention to the ongoing climate crises, Electric Sufi have...

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Hull's Jodie Langford Delivers Big On Debut EP Chaos Of Time

Published on March 20,2023 by Joe Mahone

With electro backing throughout, this spoken word EP covers a wide range of emotional...

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Join Namor In The Mile High Club

Published on March 18,2023 by Jade L

I'm happy to write about a release that has been for me the best album release of 2023 so far. I...

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Join The Lightning Kids For One Of Those Groovy Nights With New Release

Published on March 14,2023 by Jade L

Formed virtually during the 2021 lockdown, The Lightning Kids wasted no time in releasing their...

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Martin Aelred Colgan: My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose

Published on March 05,2023 by Jade L

I'm happy to cover a romantic and classic song today by introducing Martin Aelred Colgan's...

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LLUCID teases upcoming album with "Higher Energy"

Published on March 05,2023 by Jade L

LLUCID breaks the rules in new single "Higher Energy" and teases his upcoming album Deep Blue...

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More Than Music: Lemzi’s New Creative Project

Published on March 01,2023 by Laura Phillips

If you’re on the search of a London-based artist to inspire you, look no further, as Lemzi is who...

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Yves Paquet: More Than A Decent Man

Published on February 24,2023 by Haley Martin

Yves Paquet has just released his sophomore album A Decent Man, alongside a new single sharing...

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