Prog-Rock Artist Polychuck Releases 'HERO' Ft. Derek Sherinian

Published on April 22,2022 by Alice Smith

Montreal Progressive Rock/ Alt-Rock artist Polychuck releases his latest single ‘HERO’ featuring...

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The Heavy North Will Appeal To All Points Of The Compass

Published on April 21,2022 by David Pearce

The Heavy North are a Liverpool based blues and rock band who have already attracted a lot of...

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BContheTrack Teams Up With Beaux For 'Feel Me'

Published on April 21,2022 by George Davidson

BContheTrack's fresh new single, 'Feel Me,' is full of R&B feel-good vibes. The track from the...

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Luis Morrison Releases 'Ultraviolet'

Published on April 21,2022 by George Davidson

Luis Morrison leaps into the spotlight with his breakthrough single, 'Ultraviolet'. It's a...

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Leon Jacques Delivers A Summer Anthem With 'Parts'

Published on April 20,2022 by Haley Martin

The temperature is finally rising and if that’s still not enough for you, pressing play on Leon...

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Julia Thomsen Explores With 'Precious'

Published on April 20,2022 by George Davidson

"Precious" is a new piece by classical composer Julia Thomsen, who has returned to the classical...

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London-based Rock Band Everafter's Latest Single ASAP

Published on April 19,2022 by Kiara Thompson

An exciting talent on the rock music scene, the three-piece band Everafter made their debut in...

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Eli Lev's Newest Project Inspires Love

Published on April 14,2022 by Taylor Williams

Eli Lev's latest musical project, 'Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing,' was inspired by the pandemic and its...

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In Dying Arms With Riff Raging 'Dark Days'

Published on April 14,2022 by User 1211090

Get ready for ‘Dark Days’ by Metalcore band ‘In Dying Arms'. Lurching straight into ascending...

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Jeremy Engel Releases His New Heartfelt Single 'I Got Caught'

Published on April 14,2022 by Ann Evans

Jeremy Engel has returned with a fantastic single in ‘I Got Caught’. Driven by Jeremy’s...

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