China Bamboo Warms Our Winter With Stunning Single 'Ambivalence (For You)'

Published on December 14,2020 by Sasha Lauryn-Lee

If there’s anything we need right now to get our spirits lifted this cold season, it’s another...

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B Your Own Star EP From A Belgian Artist!

Published on December 13,2020 by Db Bea

This EP is a kind of journey through planets. It's going from dark experimental electro-pop songs...

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VELVET SHAKES Send Us To Space With Sensational Single 'World'

Published on December 11,2020 by Sasha Lauryn-Lee

VELVET SHAKES are back with their funky fresh single ‘World’. Taking inspiration from a phrase...

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Shades Of The South!

Published on December 11,2020 by Humphrey Fordham

To compensate for their understandable cancellation of their Festival itinerary because of...

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John Orpheus Reveals Electrifying New Single

Published on December 10,2020 by Lauren Montgomery

For the past year and a half, multicultural musical artist John Orpheus has been writing his...

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Greg Cockerill Shares "No, Never Alone"

Published on December 10,2020 by Lauren Montgomery

Greg Cockerill is currently in the process of recording a new full-band studio album, “No, Never...

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The Rough Go Delight with New Single

Published on December 09,2020 by Lauren Montgomery

The Rough Go’s debut single, “Salvage,” is folk-rock leaning with acoustic guitar at the...

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Much More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Published on December 09,2020 by David Pearce

Brits and Pieces is a twitter account that has always been well worth following because of the...

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Love On The Dole - New Sound Of Working Class Northern England

Published on December 08,2020 by Nupura Niphadkar

For me, Arcadian Haze is a new name. After doing some research, I got to know that it's just a...

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Watch "Few Words To Say" By Yes Nice

Published on December 07,2020 by Ava Muir

Yes Nice is the brainchild of Scott McKellar and Nathaniel Wong. They have been writing and...

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