Julia Thomsen Takes Us To A World Of Festivity

Published on December 02,2020 by George Davidson

Julia Thomsen takes us far from a world of COVID into a peaceful world of festivities with her...

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The Prosaics Implore Us To Embrace Our Collective 'Frown' In A Uniquely British Fashion

Published on December 02,2020 by Florence Katt

Who could resist the intrigue of a sound described as “a raised eyebrow, a disapproving glance a...

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Discover "Juno" By Tripper & The Wild Things

Published on December 01,2020 by Ava Muir

Hamilton, ON’s Tripper and the Wild Things’ brand of noisy, high energy rock is balanced by...

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De'Borah Powell & The Benefactors Encourage Us To Let Go In New Song 'Love Can't Be Controlled'

Published on December 01,2020 by Lucy Bold

British Singer/Songwriter De'Borah Powell returns with a new collective under the name 'De'Borah...

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KJ & The Fox Release, ‘Never Gone Hill’

Published on November 30,2020 by Katie Trainor

KJ & The Fox twist and turn in this jaunty and playful track, featuring a few star ingredients,...

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Just John’s This Is Fate EP Is A Wonderful Journey Through The Dark Corners Of The Human Psyche

Published on November 29,2020 by Victoria De La Renta

Just John is a name I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more of in the coming year. The Canadian,...

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A Beautiful Moment Of Unity In Dark Times

Published on November 27,2020 by Matthew Sunderland

David Maddox-Jones is no "Born Stranger" to writing beautiful songs. Having been in numerous...

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The Silver Lines - Skin

Published on November 26,2020 by Ryan Goodwin

New wave of new wave anybody? If you like it angular and Strokes-eque well these guys are just...

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Breath Of Fresh Air With Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist's EP

Published on November 23,2020 by Mia Jenkins

Mimah is a name you need to take note of because this artist is fast making waves. Ripples...

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Spizzenergi Sleigh Them In The Aisles With Christmas Single

Published on November 23,2020 by Nick McCoy

With Christmas being so up in the air this year, it seems all the more important to have a nice,...

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