Alibi 'Hyperspace Now'

Published on April 14,2023 by Ryan Goodwin

Holy moly Liam and Noely. Ok, just joking there but these guys definitely lean on the Oasis...

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Kane Kalas' Debut Album, 'High Hopes,' Takes Nostalgia To New Levels

Published on April 13,2023 by Taylor Williams

Kane Kalas has just released his debut album, High Hopes, and it is a wonderful tribute to his...

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Raphael Klemm Releases Summer Track 'Electrical Khamsin'

Published on April 13,2023 by George Davidson

Raphael Klemm has been absent from the music scene for the past two years, but he is back with a...

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Ulrika Berg Lays Down Marker With Debut Album

Published on April 12,2023 by Max Johnson

Ulrika Berg is an emerging R&B artist hailing from Sweden and based in the UK. She made her...

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It's Been Over A Year & I Still Love This Song

Published on April 10,2023 by Lib Lib

Melancholic electronic pop music? What's not to like. Matt Moody's gorgeous music has been at the...

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Josiah Mann's Debut Album 'Grace' Is A Heartwarming Love Story

Published on April 10,2023 by Taylor Williams

Missouri-based singer/songwriter Josiah Mann's debut album 'Grace' takes listeners on a nostalgic...

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Late Night Pharmacy Hit The Nail On The Head With 'Can't Sleep Without Paracetamol'!

Published on April 07,2023 by Sarah Cappelli

'Can't Sleep Without Paracetamol' is a tongue-in-cheek indie-rock tune that really does what it...

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Solarrio Shares His Love For The 80s With "Started This Yet"

Published on April 05,2023 by Jade L

Music producer Solarrio invites us to travel back in time... to the 80s! For those of us who...

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Julia Thomsen Releases New Piece 'Saranghae'

Published on April 05,2023 by George Davidson

'Saranghae,' composed by Julia Thomsen, is without a doubt the piece of music best suited to...

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A Cohesive & Compelling Album That Showcases Jaël's Versatility

Published on April 04,2023 by Jade L

"Midlife" is an introspective and soulful album from Swiss musician Jaël. The album contains a...

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