Yulanda Sabrina Delights With 'Easier'

Published on May 11,2020 by George Davidson

Yulanda Sabrina is the latest name to make it out of the London R&B scene. Her new track 'Easier'...

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Music That Tells A Story - Conrad Ashton 'sNew Single ‘Time’

Published on May 10,2020 by Mia Jenkins

Conrad Ashton is a rock artist from the North-East, UK. Inspired by the likes of The Who, The...

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Mustie Unleashes 'Fantasma'

Published on May 07,2020 by George Davidson

Sheffield based electronic artist Mustie is back with a new single. The track comes ahead of his...

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Armored Dawn Bring An Album Of Brave Warriors, Brotherhood And Epic Battles

Published on May 06,2020 by Florence Katt

For me, the mention of Brazilian metal and my thoughts automatically got back to my childhood and...

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Jay Blanes' 'Natalie' Serves An Uplifting Dish Of Charm And Innocence

Published on May 06,2020 by Florence Katt

'I know I don’t know you, And it’s true, I am leaving soon, But babe I wanna take you, To the...

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Calboa Gets Real With New Release 'Same Shhh'

Published on May 06,2020 by George Davidson

The indie world is known for outspoken frontmen. You do not need to go far to find one, but they...

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Remember He’s A Genius!

Published on May 06,2020 by David Pearce

Mike Batt has been one of my favourite songwriters since I first heard ‘The Wombling Song’ as a...

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Listen To ZELAH's Alternative-pop Debut 'I'

Published on May 05,2020 by Keely Bremner

If you're a fan of London Grammar, Dahlia Sleeps or Amethysts, then you're sure to like emerging...

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Beat The Virus With The BRKN

Published on May 04,2020 by Rosie Chavez

Creating a buzz with their explosive live shows The BRKN’s songs are filled with hard hitting...

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Latir's UNTIL FOREVER Provides Soothing Soul For Uncertain Times

Published on May 04,2020 by Chloe Beavis

When I was listening to Latir's new EP, 'UNTIL FOREVER' over the weekend, I couldn't help but...

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