Monotronic Continues Their Revolution with "Livin' In A Lie"

Published on June 01,2021 by Ronnie Chavez

Monotronic creates music that defies genre and is nearly impossible to categorize, yet somehow...

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The BRKN Invite You Into Their Musical Revolution on "Come Outside"

Published on June 01,2021 by Ronnie Chavez

Much like close friends, we lean on records when we need them. They comfort us, console us,...

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The Entrancing New Track From Mark Westberg

Published on May 30,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Mark C. Westberg grew up in Seattle, WA and currently resides in Santa Fe, NM. They began their...

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Voodoo Bloo Lead Into A Mental Maelstrom With 'MMA'

Published on May 28,2021 by Florence Katt

Alternative NZ rock band Voodoo Bloo deliver the goods once again with their second UK single...

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Feral Ghost Presents: It’s Been A Long Time My Friend.

Published on May 25,2021 by Roland Billberg

Feral Ghost is a band with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between different...

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Jbwai Gets The Summer Started With His 'Busy Body' Remix

Published on May 19,2021 by George Davidson

Jbwai is sending the afro-pop realms into a frenzy with his new 'Busy Body' remix. The fresh...

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Glitch Project Gratify The Ears With 'Bloom'

Published on May 18,2021 by George Davidson

Glitch Project gratify the ears with their new release, 'Bloom'. The single is fresher than a...

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Love In All Its Shades: Larry Mindel's 'Love In Troubled Times'

Published on May 17,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Larry Mindel is a London-based artist whose album titled ‘Love in Troubled Times’ was recorded...

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Dave Kalz Rocks The Blues With New Album 'Relish'

Published on May 17,2021 by George Davidson

Milwaukee-based blues-rocker Dave Kalz stupefies with his new album, 'Relish'. The showstopper...

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Project CONCUBINE - F*** Daddy

Published on May 16,2021 by Neil March

Enigmatic London-based artists Project CONCUBINE appear to be constructing a musical-cultural...

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