Brian Lightning Releases Debut Single 'Pilot'

Published on June 21,2023 by George Davidson

The much-anticipated first single from Brian Lightning, 'Pilot', is a fascinating journey into...

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Marsha Swanson Releases New Single 'In Parallel'

Published on June 21,2023 by George Davidson

Marsha Swanson, the singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant city of London, has stunned...

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Vancouver Synthpunks Jibbernaut & Phuture Memoriez Release Collaboration EP "Coulrophobia"

Published on June 17,2023 by Chad

Vancouver record label Nerve Wracking Collections has just released their latest EP Coulrophobia,...

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Peter Calandra Crafts A Captivating Journey Of Introspection A Serenity In 'The Blue Light'

Published on June 16,2023 by Taylor Williams

In a world filled with noise and chaos, Peter Calandra's latest album, 'The Blue Light,' offers a...

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Weekend Recovery - Esoteric

Published on June 09,2023 by JayJay

Noise Rockers 'Weekend Recovery' have today dropped their full length album which is titled...

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Psykhi Shares Enthralling EP 'Forest People'

Published on June 09,2023 by Tina Smartt

London-based Ghanaian musician, songwriter and poet psykhi's has released a new EP, titled Forest...

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Taylor D Places Herself At The Forefront Of The Indie Pop Scene With 'Liar'

Published on June 09,2023 by Sarah Cappelli

Irish indie-pop artist Taylor D is ready to captivate listeners once again with her highly...

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The Cuza Deliver A Raw Cathartic Energy With Angry New Single 'Bones'

Published on June 09,2023 by Florence Katt

Manchester has indeed produced a real mixed bag, 'genre-blending', band with The Cuza. New...

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Torn Chorus Delivers Captivating Album ‘The Meaning Of Light'’

Published on June 08,2023 by Alice Smith

New Zealand singer-songwriter Torn Chorus releases his latest album 'The Meaning Of Light'. ...

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Mac Backwardz Shares His Stirring Single 'Hate U Love U'

Published on June 08,2023 by Nick J

Mac Backwardz is a Coventry-based rapper who has just released his brilliant new single ‘Hate U...

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