Neil Leyton's “These Seeds”: A Raw & Emotive Reflection On A World At War

Published on January 19,2024 by Chad

Neil Leyton has just released his newest single “These Seeds”. The single follows Leyton’s...

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Skies Behind Navigates Life In New EP 'The Spaces'

Published on January 18,2024 by Manon M

Irish band Skies Behind's latest release, "The Spaces", is a captivating EP that goes beyond the...

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Beldon Haigh Shares A Cinematic Masterpiece Of Sound & Storytelling

Published on January 18,2024 by Manon M

Beldon Haigh's latest track, "Paper Tiger", captivates with its compelling music and delivers a...

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The Candle Light Children's 'Try Again' Sets Perfect Indie Pop Soundtrack

Published on January 16,2024 by Manon M

The Candle Light Children's latest single, "Try Again", beckons listeners into a nostalgic...

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The Sweet Kill Anthemic Post-Punk Single “Forbidden”

Published on January 16,2024 by Chad

The Sweet Kill is a one-man post-punk project which focuses on the more dark and gothic side of...

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British Newcomer Genevieve Miles' Shines On Alt-Pop EP

Published on December 27,2023 by Oliver Holliman

Genevieve Miles' So heavy, so hard to hold EP marks a compelling culmination of her musical...

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Gripping Tale Of Resilience & Artistic Brilliance

Published on December 22,2023 by Sarah J

J'mall, hailing from Birmingham, AL, showcases his exceptional artistry in his latest release,...

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Purple Fly Invites Us In The Heart Of Alt Rock Frenzy With 'DANCE'

Published on December 21,2023 by Sarah J

London's indie rock sensation, Purple Fly, has just unleashed a musical marvel upon the world...

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The Vagabond Unveils A Timeless Journey With "The Falling"

Published on December 16,2023 by Sarah J

The vagabond's latest track, "The Falling", is nothing short of a musical masterpiece that...

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A Thought-Provoking Journey

Published on December 15,2023 by Laura Phillips

Velcrocranes have been creating quite the buzz in the music scene with the release of their...

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