Glitch Project Explore With 'NBR'

Published on February 01,2022 by George Davidson

'NBR' by Glitch Project is the track that exemplifies how far the two-piece female group have...

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Sandra Hakky's To My Knees Is A Soulful Delight

Published on January 28,2022 by Michelle Forsythe

Sandra Hakky’s single ‘To My Knees’, a catchy and evocative pop track with stunning soul vocals,...

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Jessica Pearson And The East Wind Share Beautiful New Album On The Line

Published on January 27,2022 by Helen Hamilton

Award-winning songwriter Jessica Pearson takes you on a journey with her haunting melodies,...

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'Every Passing Mile' Is Everything You Look For In A Country Album

Published on January 26,2022 by Taylor Williams

Christian Parker's music and lyricism is deliberate and melodic. His talent on the guitar is...

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Driftwood 'Bremfields'

Published on January 23,2022 by Ryan Goodwin

Here we have an excellent new single ‘Bremfields’ by Driftwood featuring British Rapper Still...

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Working Class Hussys New EP Is The Soundtrack Of Everyday Life

Published on January 20,2022 by Taylor Williams

Working Class Hussys, led by multi-instrumentalist Ian Patrick Gentles, writes songs of the...

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Malcolm Burn Drops Brand New Album

Published on January 20,2022 by Helen Hamilton

Malcolm Burn is a Grammy Award-winning record producer, best known for having worked with Emmylou...

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The Fur Brings Summer To Us With 'Forbidden Fruit'

Published on January 20,2022 by Lauryn Francis

Since releasing his first single in June of last year, The Fur has stormed the synth-soaked scene...

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No Serial Killer Bring Back The Rock And Roll With 'I Luv Myself'

Published on January 19,2022 by George Davidson

No Serial Killer is a band that makes indie and rock gatherings feel amazing. 'I Luv Myself',...

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MEREO Has Released A Stunning Piece Of Work 'So Cold'

Published on January 17,2022 by JayJay

Mereo has released his meditative new single “So Cold”. The feathery, melancholic tune features...

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