Anastave Releases New Experimental Track 'Medicine'

Published on September 14,2022 by Sarah Cappelli

Anastave has returned with a new song - Medicine. I love a track that threads the line between...

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A Voyage Of Boundless Imagination

Published on September 13,2022 by David Pearce

The latest album from Paul K, The Space Between, is a departure from his usual solo work in that...

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Tentendo Releases EP 'Player One'

Published on September 12,2022 by Jade L

Australian music producer Tentendo just released his new EP 'Player One' and I just can't get...

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JASMINEGOLD Share Outstanding Debut Album "Serpent"

Published on September 10,2022 by Max Johnson

US hip-hop duo JASMINEGOLD may have only been on the music scene for just over a year, but...

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Carpark Releases Indie Single 'The World Ended In 2012'

Published on September 09,2022 by Lib Lib

An interesting release that quickly caught my attention, Carpark's 'The World Ended in 2012'...

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"Moments Are Taped" Is An Irresistible Release With Melancholic Elements

Published on September 09,2022 by Lib Lib

A gorgeous dark, indie-style release with fragrances of solitude throughout, "Moments Are Taped"...

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Wax On Water Deliver A Clever Reworking Of The QOTSA Track "Mexicola"

Published on September 07,2022 by Florence Katt

Wax on Water are an alternative rock band from Camden, London and are renowned for putting their...

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Tribute To Freddie Mercury By Angela Hench & Gregory Markel

Published on September 06,2022 by Laura Phillips

Operatic powerhouse, Angela Hench has teamed up with iconic Altered State frontman, Gregory...

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Uplifting Lovesong From Alan Dreezer

Published on September 05,2022 by Ronald van Veen

Alan Dreezer is an Electro-Pop/Singer-Songwriter from Eastbourne East Sussex. Playing live is one...

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"The Hunt" Is A Tasteful Single From Alternative Rock Outfit Public Theatre

Published on September 04,2022 by Lib Lib

It gripped me from the first note, and it takes a lot for any musician to do that. There's a lot...

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