Jennifer Harper's Enchanting "Butterfly"

Published on April 13,2024 by Taylor Williams

Jennifer Harper's latest single "Butterfly" and its accompanying music video, produced by Tobias...

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Garage-Pop Provocateurs THE WESLEYS Unveil Debut LP

Published on April 12,2024 by Chad

Montreal’s Garage-Pop Provocateurs, The Wesleys, have just released their highly anticipated...

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Kina Breaks A Streaming Record With ‘Get You The Moon’

Published on April 12,2024 by Mia Jenkins

At just twenty-four years old, Kina has achieved a remarkable feat. He has become the first...

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Hugo Brijs Fuses Cinematic Psychedelia With Indie Rock In ‘Creeper’

Published on April 12,2024 by Mia Jenkins

Music maestro Hugo Brijs makes a triumphant return to the scene with his latest single,...

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Ervin Munir's "I Can Write A Song"

Published on April 10,2024 by George Davidson

"I Can Write a Song" by Ervin Munir captures the enchantment of budding romance. With an...

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Nihilists - Back Seat Drops

Published on April 09,2024 by Ryan Goodwin

They've returned! After what feels like an eternity (18 months?), the Nihilists are back, led by...

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Express Office Portico Shine On 'Incommunicado'

Published on April 09,2024 by James Hughes

Hailing from Nottingham, indie-pop sensations Express Office Portico have set the scene on fire...

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Amazing New Single By Halcyon Hope

Published on April 08,2024 by Julia Naish

And we'd be lovers (down down down), hits a new song with indie rock vibes and great vocals....

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A Landscape To Visit With Your Soul & Your Senses

Published on April 08,2024 by David Pearce

Paul K has been one of my favourite artists since I first heard his work with his Glitch Code...

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Beldon Haigh States "World Got So Dumb"

Published on April 07,2024 by Manon M

Hailing from Scotland, Beldon Haigh is known for their songs that delve into the flaws of modern...

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