Radio Free Universe Brings New Fresh Sounds & Spreads 'LOVE'

Published on March 26,2020 by Rosie Chavez

Radio Free Universe aka RFU, is a multi-genre crossing indie rock force. The band was originally...

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JOSHUi To Drop 'Ends' This Friday

Published on March 25,2020 by George Davidson

JOSHUi is taking the hip hop world by storm with his new release 'Ends'. A track which puts UK...

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So Good It's Insane

Published on March 24,2020 by Manon Ouimet

Amazing album filled with lyrical stories, chunky riffs, pop melodies and deep meaning - love the...

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Deluxe Edition EP 'Souvenirs' By Worry Party Is Out Today!

Published on March 20,2020 by Mia Jenkins

Worry Party are an indie electronic four-piece from the North-East, UK. Their remarkable EP...

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Incredible New Vocal Talent Neave Zaria Delivers A Lush Debut 'If I See You'

Published on March 20,2020 by RT Lee

Well if you close your eyes you would be forgiven for thinking a new Adele track had been dropped...

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Shaima's ‘Green Eyes’ - Boldly Standing Up To Negativity And Hate

Published on March 20,2020 by RT Lee

‘Every time I look, you look away… look at me with disdain.’ With opening lyrics like that you...

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Seductive Pop Alchemy: The New Single 'Andromeda' By IVI

Published on March 14,2020 by RT Lee

Diverse, intense, emotional and strong are just some of the things that come to mind when...

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'First Contact' - The Debut Album From UK Synthpop Trio AXLS

Published on March 09,2020 by Mia Jenkins

AXLS are a synthpop trio hailing from the North-East, UK. They haven't been on the live circuit...

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Brighton Singer-Songwriter Michael Baker Releases 'Salt'

Published on March 09,2020 by Keely Bremner

The track that first drew me into Michael Baker's music was 'Baby Books', a moving tribute to his...

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IAMHaile Releases Huge Track 'Thank You'

Published on March 09,2020 by George Davidson

American rapper IAMHaile is ticking all the right boxes at the moment. As a result, he is making...

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