Kingdumb's New Mixtape "Eternally Never"

Published on February 06,2024 by George Davidson

"Eternally Never," the scorching hot mixtape from trailblazing producer, Kingdumb has left me...

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Skimo Takes Flight With "Let It Fly"

Published on February 06,2024 by Laury V

After a decade-long hiatus, Skimo emerges from the depths of introspection with his debut album,...

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MATNEY's 'All Fired Up' Strikes A Chord With Music Lovers

Published on February 05,2024 by Julie Norman

Prepare yourself for the latest release from up-and-coming band MATNEY, as they bring their...

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Marsha Swanson's "Near Life Experience"

Published on February 02,2024 by George Davidson

Marsha Swanson’s latest album, “Near Life Experience,” is a trip through the lens of a...

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AC The Gifts Rated R&B: A Soulful Triumph

Published on January 31,2024 by Lee Allen

AC the Gifts’ album, “Rated R&B,” is a soul-stirring journey that effortlessly fills the void in...

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Sun-Soaked Serenity: Slow Coast's 'Depths Like These'

Published on January 31,2024 by Manon M

Slow Coast's latest album, "Depths Like These", is a sun-soaked journey through indie rock,...

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Linndsyeah's Hypnotic Track "Don't Wanna Know Why"

Published on January 31,2024 by Manon M

In the kaleidoscopic realm of experimental pop, Orlando-based artist Linndsyeah reigns supreme,...

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Apache Grosse Shares Musical Masterpiece With "Life After Her"

Published on January 29,2024 by Manon M

R&B artist Apache Grosse kicks 2024 off with a powerful release titled "Life After Her". The...

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Afra Kane Is The Wind Beneath Your Wings

Published on January 26,2024 by Michelle Forsythe

Nigerian/Italian Afra Kane is probably best known as a jazz pianist, but in this track from her...

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Magenta Shares A Melodic Tapestry Of Fear, Change & Triumph With 'It's All Beginning'

Published on January 24,2024 by Manon M

Magenta's latest single, "it's all beginning", serves as a captivating window into her emotional...

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