Cimón 'MAE' - Single Review

Published on April 17,2020 by Ross Argentero

'MAE' is the new single of Swedish rising star Cimón (previously Simon Samaeng). "started off...

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The Killer LA Supergroup That Never Was

Published on April 16,2020 by Kiara Thompson

It's 1989 in Los Angeles - four friends create an album which will only resurface this year. The...

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Break Fate - This Band Are Gaining A Cult Following

Published on April 16,2020 by Kiara Thompson

Break Fate are taking the pop punk world by storm - this UK trio based in London are a breath of...

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Sighdafekt Unveils The "Summers Over" Pack

Published on April 15,2020 by INDIGO SOUND

Breakout artist & songwriter Sighdafekt is back with a new double release under the title...

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Urban Grit With A Vile Hit

Published on April 13,2020 by Colin Ward

Executing the sound of raw British Punk with stylish ferocity, this album got me hooked from the...

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Atlantic Crossing!

Published on April 13,2020 by Humphrey Fordham

In these restricted times of non-existent global travel, the perfect tonic is a diligent...

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“Steve” By Katie Wood, A Debut Single Ready To Put A Spell On You

Published on April 11,2020 by Alessandro Doni

When soft rock meets new romantic, the result are power ballads that leave their mark. So in...

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James Millier Releases Electropop Gem 'Brand New Start'

Published on April 04,2020 by Mia Jenkins

‘Brand New Start’ is an electropop gem, and the latest single from versatile artist James...

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Romysa Delivers Pure Sass & Attitude With 'Missin Out'

Published on April 03,2020 by Florence Katt

Writing about lost love, break-ups and boosting self esteem is nothing new, but up and coming...

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WILL NEWMAN - 'Part Time Lover' - Single Review

Published on April 03,2020 by Ryan Goodwin

Relaxed Summer vibes from Will. The kind of song that would suit this time of year if we were...

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