Viral Singing Sensations The Marsh Family's New Single - 10/1 Favourites for Christmas No.1!

Published on December 03,2021 by Henry Fox

The Marsh Family, a family musical group consisting of Ben and Danielle Marsh, and their four...

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Xskarma Pay Soulful Tribute To The Women Of Afghanistan

Published on December 03,2021 by Michelle Forsythe

Bristol-based trip hop producer and drummer xskarma doesn't shy away from the tough topics. Their...

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"24/7" Is The Commanding New Single From Liam Tracy And Fivio Foreign

Published on December 02,2021 by Lib Lib

New York born and raised rapper Liam Tracy releases his latest single with Fivio Foreign titled...

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LONELY PPL Vol.1 Is The First Of Three EPs From R&B Crooner Lonely Boy

Published on December 02,2021 by Samantha Dellier

R&B admirers will delight in the new EP, LONELY PPL Vol. 1, from Canadian talent Lonely Boy, who...

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Tobias Sarra Has Unveiled His Debut Album: A Beige Kind Of Grey

Published on December 01,2021 by Kiara Thompson

They say that first impressions matter the most, so it is not surprising to hear that...

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Positivity And Self-Belief: Clare-Based Rapper Shafto Spreads Good Vibes With Latest Track

Published on November 30,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Positivity, self-belief and empowerment. Those three words capture the essence of Irish rapper...

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Tara Novak’s “My Heart Was Jumping” Makes My Heart Jump

Published on November 30,2021 by Taylor Williams

Violinist turned indie pop singer, Tara Novak transports me to a young love lost and regained in...

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Dyn Standard & Bazznik, Drop A Bomb On Sora Music Group!

Published on November 29,2021 by Niklas Zeitler

‘Waiting For You’ is a powerful and epic banger! Once you press play, you’re hit with a smooth...

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Tod Almond Is Back With His New Single For The Christmas Holidays

Published on November 28,2021 by Tod Almond

Tod Almond Is Back! It's been 1 year since Tod released his first album 'If Only You Could...

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Paul Numi’s Latest Album ‘Parallel Lives’ Is An Ode To Indie Rock Through The Decades

Published on November 26,2021 by Alice Smith

The early years of the 1980s saw rock artist Paul Numi performing a lot, playing support to U2,...

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