Hayden Brenen & L.D.N Bring Latin To The Pop Party

Published on March 04,2020 by George Davidson

London based singer and songwriter Hayden Brenen and his companion L.D.N have recently released...

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Teri Sillo Shines With New Release 'Feel For You'

Published on March 04,2020 by George Davidson

Combine afrobeat with elegant modern pop, and you get 'Feel For You' by Teri Sillo. It is a...

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"Nebulous" By Wray Is An Effervescent Groove

Published on March 03,2020 by Ava Muir

Fantasy and science-fiction are often treated as an escape from reality, but in the heart of...

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Marcus Gray 'Free Man': Beautifully Crafted, Heart-On-Sleeve Inspiration

Published on February 28,2020 by Florence Katt

‘All the stories of glory implore me to keep chasing my dreams, And I gotta shake it, take it,...

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Glass Forest Express Things Left Unsaid On "I Remember"

Published on February 27,2020 by Ava Muir

Sometimes our minds fill in the blanks and jealousy can get out of hand, ultimately causing our...

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Danielle Hollobaugh New Single 'Goodbyes'

Published on February 26,2020 by George Davidson

Danielle Hollobaugh, who resides in LA, has just released her charismatic new pop release...

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I.Con Twins Debut Single “Setting Fires”

Published on February 26,2020 by VL

Having performed at MGM International Resorts, competed at The Voice of China Hong Kong and...

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Beren Olivia's 'Black Magic'- Dark Edgy Pop Laced With Beautiful Harmonies

Published on February 25,2020 by Florence Katt

Model, actress, songwriter and singer are just some of the credentials already under Beren...

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No Nonsense Girl Afraid Release 'Dutch Courage'

Published on February 25,2020 by George Davidson

A band who found success with their previous single 'Molly Malone' are back at it with 'Dutch...

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Black Wolf Bring The Summer Dance Vibes With ‘WDYK’

Published on February 19,2020 by George Davidson

Australian based Black Wolf has set his direction, that being straight to the club with his new...

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