Post Eurovision Glitter: "Roi" Stands Tall On Its Own

Published on May 31,2019 by Florence Katt

Exciting and as visual as ever Eurovision 2019 didn’t disappoint with the messages contained in...

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The Magnettes Make You Feel The Heat

Published on May 31,2019 by Florence Katt

The Magnettes never fail to come up with a single that gets everyone including your moany old...

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Revel In Am I Dead Yet?'s Glorious Gloom

Published on May 30,2019 by Florence Katt

New musical project from Pop Will Eat Itself & Gaye Bykers On Acid frontman, Mary Byker and...

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Hidden Gem: London Songwriter Jolé Releases Self-titled Debut Album

Published on May 30,2019 by Chloe Beavis

The emotions that ebb and flow throughout Jolé's debut album, are ones that we've all felt at one...

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Yes We Mystic's New Album: An Exploration Through Lush Mindscape

Published on May 28,2019 by Florence Katt

Canadian indie art-rockers, Yes We Mystic, create lush, groovy, delicate & melodic soundscapes to...

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The Artist Kick 5000

Published on May 24,2019 by Khalid Henry

Amazing very creative artist that stands out from a lot of the current artists on the independent...

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Lucy Booth - 'Butterfly'

Published on May 23,2019 by Rachel Lissenburg

This one's for fans of Gabrielle Aplin, Birdy & Lana Del Rey, as alt-pop sensation Lucy Booth...

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Demi Mcmahon Delivers Feel Good Classic

Published on May 22,2019 by George Davidson

Demi McMahon's 'Party' is one hell of a feel good track. From the first listen I was blown away...

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Freya Roy - 'AHLKE'

Published on May 21,2019 by Rachel Lissenburg

MOBO supported & Glastonbury listed Freya Roy's shimmering blend of neo-soul and R&B is causing a...

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Sea Legs - 'Flowers'

Published on May 20,2019 by Rachel Lissenburg

Alt-Rock trio, Sea Legs, made up of Tom Saunders (guitar, lead vox), Calum Macgregor (bass, vox)...

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