'Yalakta' By Black Lilys - Ethereal, Strikingly Beautiful & Organic

Published on February 19,2020 by Florence Katt

Ethereal, strikingly beautiful organic melodies and vocals evoke an other worldly vista with...

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"Thief In Your Eye" By Riches Examines The Creative Process

Published on February 19,2020 by Ava Muir

Riches is the manifestation of an ongoing dialogue between Young Galaxy's Catherine McCandless...

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Baegera Brings The Slickest, Most Sensuous Of Vibes With 'Seen You Before'

Published on February 18,2020 by Florence Katt

Those chilly stormy nights may still be here but with sensual and amorously vibey track ‘Seen You...

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A Great Start To 2020 For HOL

Published on February 16,2020 by J King

HOL formally known as Hollie Findlay is a british singer/songwriter who at only 16 is embarking...

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WINEHOUSE's Debut EP “Hanover Drive” Captivates Listeners With An Innovative Indie-Jazz Sound

Published on February 15,2020 by Chivan Lim

WINEHOUSE will be releasing their debut EP “Hanover Drive” on February 21st. "Hanover Drive" is...

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Zilla With Her Eyes Shut Returns With New Single For Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records

Published on February 14,2020 by Justin O'Brien

The Parisian vocalist continues her string of work with renowned UK experimentalist Matthew...

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Goldbringer Album 'Soundtracks': A Soundscape Of Majestic Triumphs

Published on February 13,2020 by Florence Katt

It is hard to know what to expect before listening to new album ‘Soundtracks’ by Goldbringer....

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Eric Silverman's 'Rookie' - The Perfect Collection Of Unique Indie Rock

Published on February 12,2020 by Rosie Chavez

Eric Silverman’s 'Rookie' is a collection of songs with monumental riffs and hooks so...

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B.U.d Impresses With New Track ‘No More’

Published on February 11,2020 by George Davidson

The new release from B.U.d is a delightful blend of R&B and gospel. Furthermore, it has taken...

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The Denver Based Acoustic, Rock Collective Splitstep Deliver A Bright Acoustic Sound

Published on February 10,2020 by Rosie Chavez

The Denver, CO based acoustic, rock collective Splitstep deliver a bright acoustic sound with...

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