Introducing The Incredible Ridi

Published on August 16,2021 by Leah Marriott

I was blown away by Ridi's vocals on her debut track, 'Top Guy'. It's hard to believe that...

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See Me By Leela James

Published on August 13,2021 by Breana Brown

Leela James has recently released her current album and seventh studio album See Me. Leela has...

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Published on August 11,2021 by Ollie Trevers

‘Everything From Last Night’ is The Great Leslie's summer anthem; a foot-tapping dose of high...

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Julia Thomsen Teams Up With Tre For Majestic Release 'Barcelona Summer'

Published on August 11,2021 by George Davidson

Julia Thomsen's new single, 'Barcelona Summer,' features Tre. It's a summery track with a warm...

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Hypnôxy - Bad Lord

Published on August 09,2021 by Hypnôxy

Hypnôxy is an EDM producer, DJ and remixer who was born in the South of France. Passionate about...

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Keep It Simple By Agnes Azria

Published on August 06,2021 by Breana Brown

Los Angeles based singer Agnes Azria released her second EP Keep It Simple this past July. Keep...

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Summery Melodies Disguise Tales Of Love And Loss

Published on August 05,2021 by Michelle Forsythe

For fans of easy, jazzy tunes and cabaret standards this album is perfect, but listen more...

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Glitch Project Excite With 'Wane'

Published on August 05,2021 by George Davidson

Glitch Project, the Italian alt-pop band, have released a new single called 'Wane.' The song is a...

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Opeongo Shares New Single "Dreadful Sorry Clemency"

Published on August 05,2021 by Gabrielle Laviolette

Opeongo is the moniker of 28-year-old singer-songwriter Keegan Trumpour of Midland, Ontario....

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Shn Shn Shares "Maladaptive Daydreams" Collage Visuals

Published on August 03,2021 by Gabrielle Laviolette

shn shn is a queer Black electronic producer, singer-songwriter and creator. She released her...

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