My Life Story - Being 'Broken' Has Never Sounded This Good

Published on November 22,2019 by Florence Katt

My Life Story serve up another glittering slice of delightfully clever and quirky pop. This...

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'The Discredited Language Of Angels' Is Music As Insurgent Art

Published on November 19,2019 by Nick McCoy

They've been informally named “the indie Stax revue” by one of their most high profile...

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"Highway" by Splitstep -- Single Review

Published on November 18,2019 by Gabriel Riccitelli

Splitstep’s debut single “Highway,” was written and produced by lead member Matt Golub and his...

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Rose May Alaba's 'Crazy' Is The Perfect Tonic To Those Cold Dark Nights ...

Published on November 18,2019 by Florence Katt

From the moment you hear the first few verses, you get the feeling this song will be heard...

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KIALLA Unleashes New Single “Rusty Toys”

Published on November 08,2019 by Conor O'Shea

KIALLA just released a new single, “Rusty Toys”. The track reflects on how the American Dream can...

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With 'Sun Songs' Art Alexakis Feeds The Soul, Mind & Spirit

Published on November 07,2019 by Florence Katt

Art Alexakis has always tackled alarmingly grown up subjects with Everclear, and so it fits that...

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Lucie Hill - 'Precious Time'

Published on November 06,2019 by Rachel Lissenburg

'Precious Time' showcases the stunning, ethereal sounds of Lucie Hill but is also heeding a very...

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The Faulkner Review - 'Meant 2 Be' By The Happy Curmudgeons

Published on November 05,2019 by Alex Faulkner

Overall, this is a very fine collection of classic rock, folk and country-tinged songs that...

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A Night In November - 'Time At The Bar'

Published on November 05,2019 by Rachel Lissenburg

Drawing influence from Pop-Punk Bands such as Yellowcard and The Starting Line, ‘Time at the Bar’...

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Berries' Hard Work Pays Off

Published on November 04,2019 by Nick McCoy

If you're one of those readers out there who regularly venture out to catch new bands in the live...

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