Goldbringer Serves Cinematic Synth-Laden Soundscape That Captures The Mind

Published on January 28,2020 by Florence Katt

Creating synth prog pop using the influences of Italian horror director Lucio Fulci isn't perhaps...

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The State Of The Nation Addressed

Published on January 25,2020 by David Pearce

'Humanist' is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Rob Marshall. Two years ago...

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Polaroids & Postcards

Published on January 25,2020 by Leonie Ganivet

What a beautiful album. Totally original music behind truly relatable lyrics that touch your...

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Sounds Like Early Belle & Sebastian To Me?

Published on January 22,2020 by Joe Mahone

Love the delicateness of this tune with its beautiful vocal, sung so softly. O'Reilly &...

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Guiding Light!

Published on January 22,2020 by Humphrey Fordham

Marco Veint is from Ecuador but is South London-based. While primarily the frontman of The...

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It's The Bomb!

Published on January 22,2020 by Nick McCoy

Peter Doolan looks like being one of those names to watch in 2020. He’s putting the finishing...

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Can't Get This Song Out Of My Head!

Published on January 20,2020 by Jay Swanner

"No River" by NewKings is currently a pre-order but is on radio, as I heard it twice on The House...

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Mackenzie Nicole Now Stands Proudly With Other Artists Unafraid To Bring Truth & Authenticity Into Pop Music

Published on January 18,2020 by Rosie Chavez

At 20 years old Mackenzie Nicole has been making music for more than half of her life. As she...

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Royse Delivers An Emotional Punch Of A Single With 'Oxygen'

Published on January 17,2020 by Florence Katt

‘I hear the whisper when we touch, And the chemistry 's too much, And I need you like oxygen,...

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Fresh And Romantic Teen Pop

Published on January 11,2020 by Tiziana Stefanelli

Matilde Girasole is a 14 year old Italian singer songwriter based in Singapore. Her last release...

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