Don't Save Me For Later By M8alla

Published on September 10,2021 by Breana Brown

Hip hop and R&B artist M8alla recently released her latest EP Don’t Save Me For Later. In just...

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Ratinoff`'s Let It Out Is Smooth Retro Angst

Published on September 07,2021 by Ronnie Chavez

Northern California-based retro rock-inspired singer and songwriter Ratinoff released his...

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Love Is In The Air With Andrew Jahn's New Single

Published on September 07,2021 by Sandy O'Hara

Loving this song and deep, soulful lyrics. Epic piano ballad. A beautiful piano melody and that...

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Du'val Makes A Bold Introduction With His Debut EP 'Moments'

Published on September 06,2021 by John Mills

Seemingly arriving out of nowhere in recent months, emerging Reading-based singer and songwriter...

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Sophie Kilburn Bares All In Indie-Rock Debut EP, My Room Made Public

Published on September 05,2021 by Victoria De La Renta

My Room Made Public is the newest offering from Derbyshire-born, London-based artist Sophie...

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Jess Chalker Offers Wise Words With Enigmatic Track "Don't Fight It"

Published on September 03,2021 by Florence Katt

Australian-in-London singer-songwriter and performer Jess Chalker has already earned her ‘musical...

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Pop Star On The Rise Daniel McCarthy Brings On The Sugar With "She Looked Like You"

Published on September 03,2021 by Florence Katt

Ok so intro blurb first: Daniel McCarthy is a young London based pop hopeful on the rise who has,...

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Here Now By Joel Van Dijk

Published on September 03,2021 by Breana Brown

Here Now is a new album released by Los Angeles based artist Joel Van Dijk. Joel is a...

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MXY Rises With Comeback Track 'Mind, Body & Soul'

Published on September 03,2021 by George Davidson

MXY, the Bradford hip hop and Asian music artist, relaunches her music career with her new...

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Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience Debut Epic New Single

Published on September 02,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

Shaun Johnson is back with a beautiful jazzy tune about love and wanting to be with the one you...

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