Eric Silverman's 'Rookie' - The Perfect Collection Of Unique Indie Rock

Published on February 12,2020 by Rosie Chavez

Eric Silverman’s 'Rookie' is a collection of songs with monumental riffs and hooks so...

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B.U.d Impresses With New Track ‘No More’

Published on February 11,2020 by George Davidson

The new release from B.U.d is a delightful blend of R&B and gospel. Furthermore, it has taken...

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The Denver Based Acoustic, Rock Collective Splitstep Deliver A Bright Acoustic Sound

Published on February 10,2020 by Rosie Chavez

The Denver, CO based acoustic, rock collective Splitstep deliver a bright acoustic sound with...

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A Fresh Voice Worth Listening To

Published on February 08,2020 by David Pearce

Clara Bond is a singer songwriter from Devon whose EP 'Crown', released last year, is definitely...

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'Walking In The Stars' Is An Inventive New Single By 3 Amazing LA Producers

Published on February 07,2020 by Claire Casey

Making the LA scene proud, 'Walking In The Stars' is a single by Bosa, David Starfire and AHEE....

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Irma Brings Us A Modern Take On Classic Soul With 'Venom Of Angels'

Published on February 07,2020 by Florence Katt

Folk-soul with some beautiful 60s vibes is how you would describe ‘Venom of Angels’, the latest...

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Tasha Angela's 'Hidden Gems' EP Is A Glistening Example Of Golden Era Soul & Contemporary RnB

Published on February 05,2020 by Keely Bremner

While much of today's soul and RnB music is about reinvention, Toronto artist Tasha Angela shows...

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KINLEY's "Washington" Reflects On The Womens' Empowerment March

Published on February 04,2020 by Ava Muir

KINLEY's new song, “Washington", taken from her self-titled sophomore album was inspired by...

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A Truly International Collaboration Created The Magical Single 'Fire In The Sky'

Published on January 28,2020 by Florence Katt

'There will be times that shake you, Deep in your bones, There will be dreams that grow, But they...

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Zali Take Us Back To Pop RnB Musical Excellence With 'That Girl'

Published on January 28,2020 by Florence Katt

Close your eyes and you will feel the last 25 years have been a dream, as the first listen to...

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