Miss Kiddy's Jamtastic Jazz

Published on April 03,2020 by Leah Marriott

Miss Kiddy and the Cads are currently one of the UK's hottest vintage bands and last month they...

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Riva's Right On Par

Published on April 03,2020 by Leah Marriott

Riva Taylor might not be a name that instantly springs to mind, but it soon will be if her debut...

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HUNTER-GATHERER - 'Killjoy' - Single review

Published on April 03,2020 by Ryan Goodwin

Kicking out the Foo Fighter vibes I'm really digging this new single by Hunter Gatherer. The...

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Published on March 30,2020 by Nick McCoy

The second single from Micko & The Mellotronics was penned about singer/guitarist Micko...

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Tunnel's Mesmerizing Track "Walking The Vine"

Published on March 29,2020 by Ava Muir

Montreal progressive rock duo, Tunnel, are gearing up to release their debut full-length 'Out For...

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Bad Honey's 'Awake Tonight', Great For Your Lockdown Listening!

Published on March 27,2020 by Chloe Beavis

South London female duo Bad Honey have released their soul induced, electro-pop EP - 'Awake...

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Outline Release Smashing New Single 'Candid'

Published on March 26,2020 by George Davidson

Firstly, nothing excites me more than coming across a new band who leave me wondering why I had...

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Radio Free Universe Brings New Fresh Sounds & Spreads 'LOVE'

Published on March 26,2020 by Rosie Chavez

Radio Free Universe aka RFU, is a multi-genre crossing indie rock force. The band was originally...

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JOSHUi To Drop 'Ends' This Friday

Published on March 25,2020 by George Davidson

JOSHUi is taking the hip hop world by storm with his new release 'Ends'. A track which puts UK...

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So Good It's Insane

Published on March 24,2020 by Manon Ouimet

Amazing album filled with lyrical stories, chunky riffs, pop melodies and deep meaning - love the...

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