A Rendition Of An Intricate Romance

Published on March 16,2019 by Kane Lewis

With an incredible vocal range and a spring in her step, London-based, Australian...

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Czech Mate To Thom Artway

Published on March 13,2019 by Florence Katt

Hats off (no pun intended – as he wears one in his latest video) to Czech singer-songwriter who...

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DJ Jabok Delivers Dance Anthem With 'Dance With Me'

Published on March 13,2019 by George Davidson

A DJ, producer and singer, DJ Jabok, aka Zhambyl Turebayev, is from the Republic of Kazakhstan. ...

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Wille & The Bandits Bring Musical Diversity With 'One Way'

Published on March 11,2019 by Rosie Chavez

Wille & The Bandits is proving to be a powerful trio of musicians that are bringing a unique...

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'Sucker Punch' Is A Knockout

Published on March 10,2019 by David Pearce

Sigrid, or to give her her full name Sigrid Solbakk Raabe started her career in her native Norway...

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Austin Giorgio’s Modern Mid-Century Modern Crooner

Published on March 10,2019 by James Brooks

Not too long ago, there was a time people pulled vinyl off the self; or out of a milk crate;...

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Soundtrack For A Rainy Train Ride

Published on March 07,2019 by Nathalie Kerst

Magnus Josefsson is a Swedish singer-songwriter, known through his earlier band Blända. 'Did The...

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The Carnival Youth Boys Takes Us On A Fizzy Trip...

Published on March 06,2019 by Florence Katt

Carnival Youth are Edgars Kaupers, Emīls Kaupers, Roberts Vanags and Aleksis Luriņš – a quirkily...

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Ukraine's Answer To Dua Lipa Delivers Powerful Pop

Published on March 06,2019 by Katherine Rippon

Delena is not a new name to the pop world. Having debuted 2 years ago with the playful pop anthem...

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SOSLA Delivers Awesome EDM

Published on March 05,2019 by George Davidson

Are you aware of up-and-coming DJ/producer SOSLA? He's just released an ace new single...

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