Low Tide Levee's Psychedelic Funk Rock 'Land Of The Lotus Eaters' Is A Must Listen

Published on April 27,2023 by Taylor Williams

Low Tide Levee's debut album, Land of the Lotus Eaters, is a journey into the realm of...

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Indie-pop Artist Explores Trauma Bonds In New Single "Luvbomb"

Published on April 27,2023 by Jade L

Guard's latest release, "Luvbomb" is a sultry bop that delves into the psychology behind...

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Tom Rasmussen - Body Building

Published on April 25,2023 by Tina Smartt

The gender-nonconforming artist and queer activist Tom Rasmussen recently presented their debut...

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Pete Beat's Therapeutic New Album "The Strange Museum"

Published on April 24,2023 by Jade L

British musician Pete Beat has just released his latest album, "The Strange Museum," and it's an...

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Toronto’s Brutal Youth Release Raging “Rebuilding Year”

Published on April 21,2023 by Chad

Toronto’s masters of melodic hardcore, Brutal Youth, have just released their anticipated new LP...

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John Lynch Delivers New Tale Of Hometown

Published on April 21,2023 by Sarah Cappelli

Guardians is the new release from John Lynch, who is an Irish singer-songwriter from Dublin. This...

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Jejune Release New Single 'Boogie Juice'

Published on April 21,2023 by George Davidson

On April 21st, the dynamic two-piece band Jejune, who are based in Leeds, United Kingdom,...

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'Talking To Myself' Is Lauren Waller's Fun New Album

Published on April 19,2023 by Taylor Williams

Lauren Waller's debut album, 'Talking to Myself,' is 13 tracks that explores a range of sounds...

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This Immediately Turned My Head!

Published on April 14,2023 by Lib Lib

All consequences and no doubt, Infinite Eights' leading song certainly turned my head and raised...

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Can We Take A Moment - This Is A Bop!

Published on April 14,2023 by Lib Lib

Just over a year on and I've still got this blasting in my headphones. Already having a massive...

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