DinoVert Grows Up In 'Smoke'

Published on October 26,2022 by Sarah Cappelli

'Smoke' is the new release from DinoVert and it brings his creativity into a darker, more...

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AP Tobler Captures Their Grunge And Alt Rock Style In New EP 'Devoid'

Published on October 25,2022 by Taylor Williams

AP Tobler channels their pain, anxiety, depression, and grief through heavy alt rock and grunge...

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Alex Paclin Eclectic New Album ‘What Time Makes Us’

Published on October 25,2022 by Alice Smith

Multigenrist Alex Paclin releases his latest album ‘What Time Makes Us’. An Alt-Pop 8-track...

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Goodvibes Sound Invite Us To Join Them On Their Trip To 'The Institute'

Published on October 25,2022 by Jade L

You may not be familiar with Goodvibes Sound and yet they are slowly but surely making a name for...

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The Fades Deliver Garage Rock Gold With Night Terrors As We Approach Halloween

Published on October 24,2022 by Ian Warner

Garage rock is alive in South London! On first listen I’m met by a genre mash up like no other,...

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Jamal Lamont Hypnotizes With Debut EP 'Sirens'

Published on October 20,2022 by Haley Martin

Independent artist Jamal Lamont has released earlier this week his new EP Sirens. While this...

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Minna Ora Strikes With New Single 'Wind'

Published on October 20,2022 by George Davidson

One of the many highly skilled singer-songwriters from Finland is Minna Ora, who recently...

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An Vedi Releases 'ConTempoRary Violin'

Published on October 18,2022 by George Davidson

With the release of her latest album, 'ConTempoRary Violin,' violinist An Vedi is quickly...

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Paul Shapera's Psychedelic Sci-Fi Tale Is Riveting

Published on October 17,2022 by Taylor Williams

Paul Shapera writes pulp operas whose albums are sci-fi and fantasy musicals that cover a 180...

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Embark On A Healing Journey With Halde

Published on October 14,2022 by Jade L

Halde has one of the most healing voices you can ever encounter and that goes perfectly with the...

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