Eric Selby Delivers With New Track

Published on July 19,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

Eric Selby releases his latest single “Arise” from his new album “Where You Born At?" This...

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Lo-Key By Christlo

Published on July 16,2021 by Breana Brown

Christlo’s new EP, Lo-Key, showcases his strong voice and his ability to incorporate...

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Megan Barbera Comes To Life With “No Ordinary Thing”

Published on July 15,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

Megan Barbera’s “No Ordinary Thing” is a happy upbeat song everyone will relate to. About the...

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Kristen Mather De Andrade Reveals Charming New Video

Published on July 14,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

This video tells the story of the songs by Roque Ferreira for album "Clarão" making their way...

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Peace Flag Ensemble Unveil Debut 'Noteland' LP

Published on July 14,2021 by Gabrielle Laviolette

Peace Flag Ensemble is an experimental jazz collective from scattered points across Saskatchewan....

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Tito Jackson Returns With 'Love One Another'

Published on July 13,2021 by George Davidson

Tito Jackson is a legend, and his new single, "Love One Another," proves that. Furthermore, with...

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It's Hotter Than Hell In Georgia

Published on July 10,2021 by Jamie Vaughan

This up tempo offering by Jacob Vaughan is definitely worth a listen. As with most original...

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Introducing Ivy Ash: Playful Pop With A Deeper Meaning

Published on July 09,2021 by Kiara Thompson

I first heard of UK singer-songwriter Ivy Ash when she released her brilliant debut single...

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DARKROOM By Brennan Savage

Published on July 09,2021 by Breana Brown

Brennan Savage released his latest album, DARKROOM in June of 2021. His 15-track album is a good...

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Multi-Verse Artist Charmaine Ups The Ante With Hood Avant-Garde Deluxe EP

Published on July 09,2021 by Leon Beavis

While I slightly slept on Charmaine's original EP output, I'm surely not going to make that same...

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