Tales Of Sorrow And Daydreams In Curse Of Lono's Album People In Cars

Published on January 04,2022 by Samantha Dellier

Curse of Lono is a British americana band that have been releasing music since 2015, with several...

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"Runaway" Is A Heartfelt Single That Ends 2021 In The Best Way Possible

Published on January 03,2022 by Lib Lib

"Runaway" is the type of song that draws you in with each listen. Every time you get to hear the...

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Ramzi's New Single Is 'Amazing' And No One Can Tell Me Differently!

Published on January 02,2022 by Lib Lib

Heartfelt and tender in all the right places, multi-cultural act Ramzi has quite the inspiring...

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"Sense Of The Rain" Will Leave You Speechless From Its Beauty

Published on January 02,2022 by Lib Lib

When I first heard 'Sense of the Rain' for the first time, the hairs on the back of my neck stood...

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Afrobeat With The Raw Edge Of Modern Hip-hop And R&B Music

Published on December 31,2021 by Michael Grayson

Wiztom has recently made waves with the announcement of a new studio single: “Bad Attitude”. The...

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No Serial Killer Release Mega Album Worth Hearing

Published on December 27,2021 by Mia Jenkins

It’s quite difficult to tell whether an artist has achieved something special or has reached a...

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Scifi Punks Nrvs Take It Slow With Breeders

Published on December 24,2021 by Joe Mahone

Intrigued by their previous single I Like You and its tale of interstellar goings on, I was...

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Elnoir Releases Debut Single, 'X-Ray'

Published on December 22,2021 by George Davidson

Elnoir, the Italian pop newcomer, has taken an enormous step forward with her 'X-Ray' debut...

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Metalcore Act The End At The Beginning Is Back With New Single "Exile"

Published on December 20,2021 by Timmy Lovers

The End At The Beginning: this name is probably one of the most interesting in the new generation...

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Victoria Moralez Returns With 'Colored Transmission Waves'

Published on December 20,2021 by George Davidson

Sweden is no stranger to mesmerising pop singers, but they have never sounded as potent as...

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