I Am Boleyn Unveils Vivid New Release 'Until the Summer Ends'

Published on September 23,2021 by Lib Lib

Imagine the offspring of Robyn, Mo and Goldfrapp and you'll encounter the sound of I Am Boleyn....

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Kingdumb Gets Fruitful With New EP

Published on September 23,2021 by George Davidson

Kingdumb, the electronic music producer and performer, has released his new EP, 'Fruity.' The...

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"Blue In Her Bones" Is The Breathtaking Single From Singer-Songwriter GRAY

Published on September 22,2021 by Lib Lib

From his debut album 'In the Absence of Colour', 'Blue in Her Bones' is a vivid experience from...

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Ayanna Witter Johnson THE Definition Of Eclectic Soul Wows Hometown Audience

Published on September 22,2021 by Leah Marriott

Ayanna Witter Johnson is THE definition of eclectic soul - a singer, songwriter, cellist,...

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Sons Of Silver Continue To Deliver Socially-Critical Rock N' Roll With "Hesitate"

Published on September 21,2021 by Ronnie Chavez

After releasing their critically acclaimed EP Doomsday Noises in 2020 pedigree alt-indie rockers...

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Milli Jean Impresses On Fascinating Debut Single 'Different'

Published on September 21,2021 by Lib Lib

Based in London, Milli Jean impresses listeners across the world in the highly addictive new...

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KVNE Convinces With His Playful Charm On 'Lay Me Down'

Published on September 20,2021 by Haley Martin

"Old friends pull me down / New friends gas me up / Ain't the type to fall in love / Just need a...

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Swedish Artist Eva No Releases ‘You Don’t Know’

Published on September 20,2021 by Roland Billberg

Eva No is a rising artist who burst onto the streaming scene in 2019. Having always had a natural...

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Erik Odsell Is Back With His Brand New Project Human 

Published on September 19,2021 by Mia Jenkins

Award-winning singer-songwriter Erik Odsell has just dropped his fresh album, Human.  This...

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Alan Dreezer’s Sophomore Album ‘H E A L E D’

Published on September 18,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Alan Dreezer has already proven himself to be a tour-de-force in the world of electropop. He had...

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