Billy Reekie Brings Us Goosebumps With Touching New Single 'She'

Published on October 29,2020 by Florence Katt

Having amazed the ladies of Little Mix with his talents on TV show 'Little Mix - The Search' ,...

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Sugi Dakks Shows Off His Diversity On New EP 'Deeply Rooted'

Published on October 28,2020 by John Mills

Over the last few years, US artist Sugi Dakks has shown himself to be more of a chameleon on the...

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Down To Earth Eco-Friendly Rocker’s The Johnson Party Release “Can't Let The Bastards Win"

Published on October 23,2020 by Ronnie Chavez

Bastard (Noun) - an unpleasant or despicable person. It may not be initially obvious by the...

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Introducing Lissy Taylor With Indie-Rock Debut EP 'Wildflowers'

Published on October 23,2020 by Keely Bremner

If you're looking for some stormy, female-led indie-rock, then look no further than singer and...

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In These Troubled Times, New Single 'Anxiety' By XAHLI Speaks To Us All

Published on October 22,2020 by Florence Katt

Described as 'Alternative R&B', Southampton based British artist XAHLI was discovered just last...

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Izakman Provides A Welcome Escape For The Musically Open-Minded With Single 'Real Boy'

Published on October 21,2020 by Florence Katt

Israeli musician and award-winning animator Izakman is difficult to pigeon-hole musically:...

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Amanda Marie Wilkinson Releases 'Spiritual Level'

Published on October 20,2020 by George Davidson

Amanda Marie Wilkinson grips with her latest release 'Spiritual Level'. Fusing contemporary...

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Ashley Lauren Releases 'Alive'

Published on October 19,2020 by George Davidson

Ashley Lauren is taking giant leaps with her latest release 'Alive'. It is a track which I have...

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AXLS Deliver Suspenseful Electronic Power Ballad ‘Discotek’

Published on October 16,2020 by Kiara Thompson

AXLS have dropped new track 'Discotek'! AXLS are an electronic trio formed in 2018 in...

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National Barks - 'Something I Can't Shake Off’

Published on October 16,2020 by Kiara Thompson

National Barks continue to craft melodic surf-pop. Time to put on your dancing shoes. There’s...

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