Hit The Jackpot!

Published on August 05,2020 by Nupura Niphadkar

'Jackpot Motel'- The name and the artwork of this album is very fascinating. You should...

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Psychedelic Fairy Pop

Published on August 04,2020 by Ben Baumann

This new age banger from emerging DJ Benni Bau Bau toes the not so fine line somewhere between...

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Artist/Producer Jaye Shares Experimental New Single 'ADHD'

Published on August 04,2020 by Ross Argentero

Singapore-based artist and producer, jaye has been a part of a number of projects under several...

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Jeremiah James Releases Debut EP - 'Render'

Published on August 03,2020 by Sam Rowe

'Render' is a dreamy, acoustic love-story that encompasses all the sensations we feel falling in...

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No-Uh Brings The Fire On New EP '98 Baby'

Published on August 03,2020 by John Mills

Born & raised in Tacoma, & currently based out of Seattle, emerging rapper No-Uh has been known...

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The Crystal King Turns To Rock: Lui Krieg & The Alchemysts Of Sound Release 'Spirit Rise'

Published on July 29,2020 by Laura Phillips

Lui Krieg & The Alchemysts of Sound are reviving classic-rock, one crystal at a time. Lui...

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The Voice Of The Revolution

Published on July 29,2020 by David Pearce

Kittenhead are an LA based female rock band. They consist of four members, Kivi, the vocalist,...

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We Need More Artists Like Him, People Who Actually Have The Power To Create Life Lasting Influence

Published on July 29,2020 by Nupura Niphadkar

I feel the song is very warm and heart touching. I loved Mark's crunchy voice and the overall...

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Brandon Miguel Will Forever Be In My Playlist

Published on July 28,2020 by Lee Allen

Music has shifted to a culture of toxic, drug induced mumbling rappers who are making music that...

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Tanaka Makoni Pierces With 'Lust'

Published on July 28,2020 by George Davidson

Female hip hop has a new name, Tanaka Makoni. The singer who has a knack for dropping smash hits...

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