Leahy Leaves Us Wanting More With "Good Water"

Published on November 05,2020 by Lauren Montgomery

Canadian band Leahy’s forthcoming new album, 'Good Water', brings the five women members of the...

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A Unique New Voice From The Emerald Isle

Published on November 03,2020 by David Pearce

The prospect of an Irish ballad played on a ukulele might not set everyone’s pulses racing and,...

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Suman Drops 'Let Go'

Published on November 03,2020 by George Davidson

Suman is talk of the town with her new release 'Let Go'. It is a track which follows up the...

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Tanaka Makoni Set To Release 'The Streets'

Published on November 03,2020 by George Davidson

Tanaka Makoni brings her quality back to the top of the game with her new release 'The Streets'....

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Brocarde's New Single "Twisted" Is An Anthem For The Misfits

Published on November 02,2020 by David M Trent

Rock artist, designer and trained opera singer Brocarde has a new single out. The Terrifying...

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Lone’s ‘Loved By You’ Is Heartfelt & Relatable

Published on November 02,2020 by Kiara Thompson

We’ve all been there - when someone says they’re ‘not ready’ to commit. Ione expresses this...

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Queen Frequency & The Twats Take Us On A Spiritual Journey On Their New Album 'Observations Of A Lonely Planet, Part I'

Published on October 30,2020 by John Mills

If there is one thing we can count on these days, it is that psych-rock and concept albums will...

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D•SIPAUL Drops 'It's No Good'

Published on October 30,2020 by George Davidson

Fresh electronic producer, D•SIPAUL pushes his unique sound even deeper into the contemporary...

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Billy Reekie Brings Us Goosebumps With Touching New Single 'She'

Published on October 29,2020 by Florence Katt

Having amazed the ladies of Little Mix with his talents on TV show 'Little Mix - The Search' ,...

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Sugi Dakks Shows Off His Diversity On New EP 'Deeply Rooted'

Published on October 28,2020 by John Mills

Over the last few years, US artist Sugi Dakks has shown himself to be more of a chameleon on the...

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