ALBUM REVIEW: The Barnum Meserve - Designs

Published on October 05,2022 by JayJay

Nottingham genre-bending band The Barnum Meserve are back with their anticipated new album...

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Slim Sly Slender's 'Pay To Play' Is A Refreshing Change Of Pace

Published on October 04,2022 by Taylor Williams

Slim Sly Slender is the visual artist turned musician from Baltimore, who finds inspiration...

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Alpha Twin Are Back With Gripping Vocals And Guitar With New EP Symbolism

Published on October 04,2022 by Holly Sawal

Fast becoming a staple in the Belfast music scene, Alpha Twin are back with their new EP...

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EP Review: Noyou - This Game We Started

Published on October 04,2022 by JayJay

Synthetic alt-rock outfit noyou constantly explore a genre-blending path where we see influences...

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Adam Giles Levy Emerges With 'The Fall'

Published on October 04,2022 by George Davidson

The track 'The Fall' that Adam Giles Levy released stands out among the competition. It opens the...

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Ryly Laurent Releases Debut Single “Lay Low (Gallows)”

Published on October 03,2022 by L Loo

Using music as a vessel for emotional turmoil based on heartbreak, drug addiction, and mental...

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A Real Fantasy Of A Track

Published on October 03,2022 by Florence Katt

Multinational rock band Caravan Dream are expats from Lebanon and Ukraine, flung together by...

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THE HYBRIS Imagine Saving The World With Single 'What If'

Published on October 02,2022 by Jade L

You may not be familiar with their name, but THE HYBRIS' mission will definitely resonate with...

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Wanaka Tributes The Legends Of Music Lost To Heroin In Another Spoon

Published on September 30,2022 by Holly Sawal

Wanaka is here with his latest release ‘Another Spoon’ the track and its accompanying video is an...

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Australian Rock Four Piece Winchester Revival On A Mission To Bring Real Rock ‘N’ Roll Back To The World

Published on September 30,2022 by Holly Sawal

Winchester Revival’s single Born For The Road is a must-listen for classic rock fans looking to...

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