Songwriting Mainstay John Murry Delivers Third Studio Album, The Stars Are Gods Bullet Holes

Published on June 28,2021 by Leon Beavis

This isn't John Murry's first rodeo. The American songwriter, who originally hails from...

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Devan Shares "Lie" Lyric Video

Published on June 24,2021 by Gabrielle Laviolette

Indie pop singer-songwriter Devan revealed her debut solo EP, 'Pink Noise,' in February 2021,...

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The Spirit808 Will Take You To The Beach

Published on June 24,2021 by Michelle Forsythe

The Spirit 808 (the name is a nod to the 808 drum machine) is the latest project from Manchester...

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Star Goes Nova Unleashes "City of Angels"

Published on June 23,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

Star Goes Nova rockets everyone to a futuristic dance rave with her latest release. City of...

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Jennifer Porter Captivates With 'Sun Come And Shine'

Published on June 23,2021 by George Davidson

Jennifer Porter's latest album, 'Sun Come And Shine,' is a welcome respite. The new album is a...

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A Taste Of The Strange: New Release From Duo Strange Souvenirs

Published on June 22,2021 by Kiara Thompson

This May, enigmatic Berlin brothers Thomas and Matthias Juhnke released their twisted song...

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Peak Futures Take You To Infinity & Beyond In Their Latest Album, Colours Of The Sun

Published on June 22,2021 by Victoria De La Renta

Peak Futures is a unique soul music collective brought together by writer-producer Chris Hills in...

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KAJA Takes Us Back To Her Roots With 'Polish Flowers'

Published on June 21,2021 by George Davidson

With her hit, 'Polish Flowers,' Polish singer and songwriter Kaja takes us back to her roots. The...

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Amanda Marie Wilkinson Bolsters Her Name With 'Taking My Time'

Published on June 21,2021 by George Davidson

American singer-songwriter Amanda Marie Wilkinson's strength is her ability to reinvent herself...

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Vela Rosa Shows Their True Colours On New Album

Published on June 18,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

Vela Rose, an Edmondton, Alberta band just released their first album called Run in Colour. This...

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