Judy Pearson Releases 'My Guiding Key'

Published on June 21,2022 by George Davidson

Judy Pearson, based in the United Kingdom, shines a light on young talent and solidifies her...

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THE FUR's New Single 'The Light' - An Uplifting And Optimistic Song On Mental Health

Published on June 20,2022 by James Lawson

Representing THE FUR’s 7th single since his first release exactly a year ago on 18th June 2021,...

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Indie-folk Artist Ian Janco Releases New Six-Track Rapture EP

Published on June 17,2022 by Adina Melay

Ian Janco is an interesting artist who grew up on a ranch in rural Idaho, before cutting his...

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You Never Need To 'Feel Alone' With Karim Naas

Published on June 17,2022 by Michelle Forsythe

Another feelgood fun dancefloor filler from the prolific Parisien, Feel Alone works perfectly to ...

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Smokingsforcoolpeople Brings The Heat On Debut Mixtape 'Damian'

Published on June 17,2022 by John Mills

Throughout the last few months, emerging producer Christof Jennings aka smokingsforcoolpeople has...

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Enter Utopia With Julia Thomsen's 'Tender Love'

Published on June 17,2022 by George Davidson

Julia Thomsen has a way of mesmerising everyone who comes across her lovely compositions, and she...

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Alicia Daydreams Casts Her Spell With 'Maze'

Published on June 15,2022 by George Davidson

Alicia Daydreams' new pop single, 'Maze,' mesmerises. With this latest release, the UK vocalist...

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Experimental, Emotive, Exquisite Electronica

Published on June 13,2022 by Indie Treasure Hunter

42, the new breakthrough from Blue Kid On The Rock, opens sounding like Cocteau Twins on Molly,...

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'Can I Be Frank?' Gives A Kick Of Nostalgia

Published on June 11,2022 by Taylor Williams

Dear Daria is the 90's style pop rock band that reeks of nostalgia and better times. Their new...

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Louise Havell Stares Into The Soul itself With The Moving Single 'Everything's Gone'

Published on June 10,2022 by Florence Katt

Louise Havell is a yet undiscovered talent- a singer songwriter based in London but who has...

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