Lauren Dejey Reclaims Power And Identity With Debut EP 'Kali Ma'

Published on October 27,2021 by Ross Argente

Lauren Dejey has just released her personal collection of songs combining sharp lyricism with...

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A Must-Listen: As The Summer By Charlotte Champian

Published on October 26,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Charlotte Champian is the kind of artist with the ability to almost transform herself from song...

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Jay Moussa-Mann Brings Some Fun To The Table

Published on October 26,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Jay Moussa-Mann is back with a brand new release: American Tennessee, and it's a fun-loving,...

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Thomas Cole And Lizzie Allyn Lead A Magical Adventure With 'Fairy Tales'

Published on October 26,2021 by George Davidson

Thomas Cole, the pop singer/songwriter, returns with his new single "Fairy Tales," which features...

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Published on October 26,2021 by Veeaye

Greetings, I am The Ambassador of Vast Consciousness. I am Vast Consciousness itself with...

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All Aboard The Santi Storm Hype Train - 'Cyber Boy' Is Addictive!

Published on October 25,2021 by Lib Lib

London based international drag performer, TikToker and Hyper Popstar Santi Storm is a complete...

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Julia Thomsen's 'Praying Moment' Gets A New Lease Of Life

Published on October 22,2021 by George Davidson

Julia Thomsen and DJ Jason Cadden have a new single out called 'Praying Moment (Remix).' They...

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Flowervillain Releases Hip-hop Infused EP 'FRANK'

Published on October 22,2021 by Lib Lib

Combining a groundbreaking sound that comes across as innovative and original, 'FRANK' is an...

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ONUR At The Crossroads Of Two Continents With Ölüm Gelene Kadar Yüzüm Kanadi

Published on October 22,2021 by Haley Martin

This is something any mixed race individual has felt during their childhood: society ultimately...

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Rory Gillanders Unveils Show-stopping New EP: Wilderness

Published on October 22,2021 by Mia Jenkins

Rory Gillanders is an artist who puts a lot of heart into his music, and his songwriting is quite...

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