Zahra EP 'In My Company' On The Benefits Of Alone Time

Published on July 16,2022 by James Lawson

You know when you hear a piece of music and assume it’s been created by an established artist...

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Soft Velvet Lounge Are The New Hot Ticket

Published on July 15,2022 by Sarah Cappelli

Soft Velvet Lounge may be new, but their presence feels anything but. The dream-pop duo was...

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'These Days' Explores Humanity And The Human Condition

Published on July 12,2022 by Taylor Williams

Ben Harold & The Rising is the americana and roots rock band from Milwaukee whose latest album,...

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James Marriott Bears Fruit With 'Grapes'

Published on July 07,2022 by Sarah Cappelli

James Marriott has once again proven that he has every right to stand toe to toe with the best in...

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Lowmen - Wanna B Bad - Single Review

Published on July 05,2022 by Ryan Goodwin

Well well well. This tune is a strange thing. A complete mix of almost glam rock and Libertines...

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New York Artist Theresa Continues To Live Her Popstar Dream With ‘Magic’

Published on July 04,2022 by James Lawson

Well, where do I even start with Theresa? She's been on one hell of a journey! Originating from...

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'Just Like The Record' Is Full Of Surprises

Published on July 01,2022 by Taylor Williams

Patrick McLaughlin is the Columbus, Ohio-based blues rock singer/songwriter who just released his...

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Rapper MANGM Debuts Memorable New Single "Bonnie & Clyde"

Published on July 01,2022 by Max Johnson

UK rapper MANGM has been on the rise for a few years now with several successful releases under...

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London Artist Jamie Knox Claims Legendary Status In New Album

Published on July 01,2022 by Lib Lib

Truly breathtaking and something I've had on repeat ever since its drop, 'Reflex Apology' is the...

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Wurmy Wormfield's 'For You, The Garden' Is An Example Of Beautiful Storytelling

Published on June 30,2022 by Taylor Williams

Charles Herman-Wurmfeld has not been known for his musical escapades, but you may have heard of...

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