Dopplegangers - Three Steps South

Published on November 02,2021 by Ryan Goodwin

Brothers (Twins?) Dopplegangers have come at me with a nice slice of agro pop with their new...

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Project CONCUBINE's Heart Train Is Gathering Speed!!!

Published on November 01,2021 by Neil March

The new single from post-gothic industrial punk twosome Project CONCUBINE sees them take another...

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Cross Channel Music Presents: Man In A Dream

Published on October 31,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Solo artist Cross Channel Music is back with a new album named “Man In A Dream.” The line-up here...

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On The Eve Of Something Special

Published on October 29,2021 by David Pearce

Eve and Eve is the debut album from Lottie, a singer/songwriter from the UK who has been living...

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AJ Wander's Beautiful Emotive Track ‘Take It All’.

Published on October 28,2021 by Florence Yorke

Following the success of his debut single, ‘Time Out’ (just under 4 million streams),...

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Hannya White Returns With New Single

Published on October 28,2021 by Ffion Jones

What a year it has been for Hannya White. The snowballing success of her 'No Preview' EP ended up...

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Lauren Dejey Reclaims Power And Identity With Debut EP 'Kali Ma'

Published on October 27,2021 by Ross Argente

Lauren Dejey has just released her personal collection of songs combining sharp lyricism with...

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A Must-Listen: As The Summer By Charlotte Champian

Published on October 26,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Charlotte Champian is the kind of artist with the ability to almost transform herself from song...

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Jay Moussa-Mann Brings Some Fun To The Table

Published on October 26,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Jay Moussa-Mann is back with a brand new release: American Tennessee, and it's a fun-loving,...

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Thomas Cole And Lizzie Allyn Lead A Magical Adventure With 'Fairy Tales'

Published on October 26,2021 by George Davidson

Thomas Cole, the pop singer/songwriter, returns with his new single "Fairy Tales," which features...

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