Mr. Shaff’s Beatz Cafe Vol.1 Not Only Sounds Good, It Feels Good.

Published on July 09,2021 by Lee Allen

While scouring the Internet looking for new music I stumbled upon Mr. Shaff’s Beatz Café volume...

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UK Singer-Songwriter James Millier Releases Confident New Single ‘Brighter Day’

Published on July 04,2021 by Mia Jenkins

James Millier is taking a confident new direction with his latest release ‘Brighter...

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A Diverse Collection Of Brilliant Songs: Martin Aelred Colgan's Last Boat To St. Helena

Published on July 02,2021 by Mia Jenkins

A refreshingly versatile collection of 17 excellently-crafted songs in this new album from Martin...

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The Lost Gecko's New Thought-Provoking Single 'Brothers'

Published on July 02,2021 by Kiara Thompson

The Lost Gecko are back on the scene with a brand new studio release that is titled Brothers....

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Eliot Popkin Reveals Vibrant New Release "Running"

Published on July 01,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

Eliot Popkin is an author, singer, and songwriter who just released a new EP entitled Running, a...

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Jane Jensen Comes Alive With "Enchant"

Published on July 01,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

Jane Jensen is an award-winning singer/songwriter with an impressive career and catalogue. She's...

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LGBTQ+ Black Artist Mighloe's Empowering EP, Desperate Times

Published on July 01,2021 by Leon Beavis

Mighloe is a Toronto based singer and songwriter. As a graduate of The Remix Project and SOCAN...

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Jameson Rodgers Showcases Skilful Song-Writing With EP 'In It For The Money'

Published on July 01,2021 by Florence Katt

Not being a particular Country music fan myself, it has been interesting delving into these...

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Parks N' Rec Releases "Adieu"

Published on June 30,2021 by Gabrielle Laviolette

Parks N' Rec is the new project from Canadian singer Marco DiFelice (Supergarage), songwriter,...

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Published on June 30,2021 by Breana Brown

Dom Jones, originally from Oakland, California, is an accomplished songwriter who won the...

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