Who’s In The House Of Love?

Published on February 11,2021 by Humphrey Fordham

40 odd years ago, premier league Krautrockers, Kraftwerk simultaneously celebrated the...

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Zaflon Is Zealous With His Bouncy New Dance Track

Published on February 10,2021 by Mia Jenkins

Step into the energetic world of UK singer-songwriter and producer Zaflon...  That's right,...

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Nathanael Philip Mosher Reveals "I Don't Wanna Die Young"

Published on February 08,2021 by Lauren Montgomery

A jack of many trades and master of some, 25-year-old Filipino-American artist Nathanael Philip...

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Celtic Metal Forged In Anger

Published on February 08,2021 by David Pearce

Hand of Kaillach are a Celtic Metal act from Edinburgh who blend together elements of their...

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Only Child’s New Song & Video For “Text Me”

Published on February 05,2021 by Ronnie Chavez

Los Angeles recording artist, songwriter, and producer, Only Child, has released new song and...

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The Beauty Of Gemina Help Ponder Mortality With Album 'Skeleton Dreams'

Published on February 05,2021 by Florence Katt

Iconic Swiss alternative rockers The Beauty of Gemina have released their latest album in the UK....

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Amazing Ayanna Strikes Again

Published on February 05,2021 by Lynn Carra

Maverick cellist and vocalist Ayanna Witter-Johnson released her surprise release of new...

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When Art Becomes Music

Published on February 05,2021 by Lynn Carra

The uniqueness of Outsider album shines through. This masterpiece of music has been created by...

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Shane Ghostkeeper's New Track "Why Do I Hide"

Published on February 04,2021 by Ava Muir

Ghostkeeper is the project of Shane Ghostkeeper, an artist from Calgary recognized for his...

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Eliot Kennedy Wears His Heart On His Sleeve With 'When Love Breaks Down'

Published on February 04,2021 by Michelle Forsythe

Eliot Kennedy once again showcases his fine vocals on his new single from the forthcoming album...

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