Jameson Rodgers Showcases Skilful Song-Writing With EP 'In It For The Money'

Published on July 01,2021 by Florence Katt

Not being a particular Country music fan myself, it has been interesting delving into these...

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Parks N' Rec Releases "Adieu"

Published on June 30,2021 by Gabrielle Laviolette

Parks N' Rec is the new project from Canadian singer Marco DiFelice (Supergarage), songwriter,...

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Published on June 30,2021 by Breana Brown

Dom Jones, originally from Oakland, California, is an accomplished songwriter who won the...

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.Wavrunner's New Single 'Magik' Is A Perfect Summer Anthem

Published on June 30,2021 by John Sparks

.wavrunner (pronounced Wave-Runner) have released their 4th single. And it's a certified...

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780 Masochist Returns With 'Memories'

Published on June 30,2021 by George Davidson

780 Masochist is the man of the moment, with his new hip hop release, "Memories", causing a...

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Olly E Rises Above With New Single

Published on June 30,2021 by George Davidson

With his dynamic new performance, 'Rise Above,' British alt-rock newcomer Olly E gives the scene...

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Thomas Cole Empowers With 'Cringe'

Published on June 29,2021 by George Davidson

Thomas Cole and EJ Garland's latest single, 'Cringe,' is a standout. It's a track that sees the...

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Songwriting Mainstay John Murry Delivers Third Studio Album, The Stars Are Gods Bullet Holes

Published on June 28,2021 by Leon Beavis

This isn't John Murry's first rodeo. The American songwriter, who originally hails from...

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Devan Shares "Lie" Lyric Video

Published on June 24,2021 by Gabrielle Laviolette

Indie pop singer-songwriter Devan revealed her debut solo EP, 'Pink Noise,' in February 2021,...

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The Spirit808 Will Take You To The Beach

Published on June 24,2021 by Michelle Forsythe

The Spirit 808 (the name is a nod to the 808 drum machine) is the latest project from Manchester...

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