US Singer-Songwriter Monica Aben Looks Back On Postcards EP

Published on November 22,2021 by Joe Mahone

Amidst the ocean of ever differentiating genres these days, sometimes it’s refreshing to stumble...

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Stove God Cooks Releases 'That's the Game'

Published on November 22,2021 by Lib Lib

Hailing from Syracuse, rapper Stove God Cooks uses his lyrical genius and distinct delivery...

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The Haze And Dacey Collective's New Album Touches The Messages Close To Home

Published on November 19,2021 by Taylor Williams

As of 2012, Kirsten Hazler has been half of the acoustic indie-folk duo known as Haze & Dacey...

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Da Major Steps Into His Future With "Vision"

Published on November 19,2021 by Ronnie Chavez

Delivering introspective lyrics atop melodic production Da Major releases a new song and video...

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'The Future Is Calling" Is Todd Omohundro's Jazz Rock Original Sensation

Published on November 17,2021 by Taylor Williams

Todd Omohundro, or Todd O, is no stranger to music and performance. He's sung with the likes of...

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Schmuck Emerge With 'Stoking The Unrest'

Published on November 15,2021 by George Davidson

With their cleverly crafted new record, 'Stoking The Unrest,' British electronic rock group...

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US Pop Hip Hop Trio .Wavrunner New Single ‘Professional’

Published on November 12,2021 by Henry Fox

.wavrunner, an irreverent US pop trio that clearly keep a stock of choice four-letter words in...

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Ki-Jung's Diverse Anthem 'Feel Alive'

Published on November 11,2021 by Lib Lib

Feeling low and needing a boost? 'Feel Alive' is certainly the track you need in your life. Armed...

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French Funk-Pop New Stars FlaKes Drop Debut EP 'Keep Going'

Published on November 11,2021 by Ross Argente

Finally!!! FlaKes highly anticipated debut EP is out today! The more I listen to this record...

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Robbie Vonn Creates An Ethereal Space With His New EP

Published on November 11,2021 by Taylor Williams

Rising electronic pop and cinematic musical artist, Robbie Vonn, creates tangible sounds that...

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