Ridgio Makes It With New Album

Published on August 27,2020 by Lauren Montgomery

The brainchild of artist Derek Towner, Ridgio is set to explore a new world of sound for 2020....

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Last Weekend’s BOOM! Online Dance Party Was A Smash

Published on August 27,2020 by Mia Jenkins

Why stay isolated when you can party with others from the comfort of your own home? That’s...

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Lo-Fi Indie Creeps Up On You With This Cobain Style Grower

Published on August 27,2020 by Joe Mahone

Seemingly connected to an album about mental health, this track has taken over my days in recent...

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Julia Thomsen Delights With 'Beauty Inside And Out'

Published on August 27,2020 by George Davidson

Julia Thomsen is a London based music composer who comes from a background of film compositions....

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Oscar Merry Unleashes 'Cower'

Published on August 27,2020 by George Davidson

'Cower' is the latest gift to grace our ears with Oscar Merry shining radiantly with a track...

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An Exercise In Beautiful Revenge

Published on August 26,2020 by David Pearce

In the current economic climate, how many people would take the chance to launch a new record...

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Bleak And Brilliant Dissection Of Society

Published on August 25,2020 by David Pearce

Young Knives, brothers Henry and Thomas Dartnell, have been around for nearly two decades making...

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The Wilderness - 'If I HaveTo Die' - Single Review

Published on August 22,2020 by Ryan Goodwin

Post apocalyptic pop rock song anyone? Maybe a statement oft heard these days with the current...

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Marq Electronica Seduces Us With Latest Release 'In A City (Love)'

Published on August 21,2020 by Mia Jenkins

Marq Electronica is a one-man music machine, based in the North-East, UK. Having organised...

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Katey Morley Reveals Smashing Single

Published on August 19,2020 by Lauren Montgomery

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Katey Morley has crafted a batch of very fine, slow-cooked and...

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