Joe Fox & The Frantics

Published on June 13,2021 by Kiara Thompson

This is a ridiculously catchy track, which just oozes sex appeal. These guys sound like an...

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Ibeji Delivers Soulful Commentary On Modern Politics With Gonto

Published on June 11,2021 by Ignacio Paris Meseguer

A track made from pain and passion, Ibejii’s Gonto is a soulful and discrete commentary on modern...

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M Data Releases Album Of Sublime Electronica - Tomorrows World

Published on June 11,2021 by Anthony Wilson

M Data is an electronic music producer from the North East of England who already has numerous...

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Pimlican Ft Josie - I Got A Feeling

Published on June 08,2021 by Neil March

The ongoing partnership between London-based producer Pimlican and 22 year old Bucks-based...

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Karuna Release 'Heartsease'

Published on June 08,2021 by George Davidson

With their new hit, 'Heartsease,' folk ensemble Karuna are serenading the ears. The track is...

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WeiWei Puts Herself First

Published on June 04,2021 by Michelle Forsythe

Chinese-American pop princess WeiWei's latest single ‘Trophy Girl’ is an uplifting pop explosion...

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Lucia Cifarelli Celebrates Sisterhood

Published on June 04,2021 by Michelle Forsythe

Lucia Cifarelli's (Drill, KMDFM) first single from her highly anticipated new album is a slice of...

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Sir Duke Releases - So I´m Like

Published on June 04,2021 by Roland Billberg

So I'm Like" Is a tempting upbeat Deep House track from SIR DUKE and with solid and original...

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ROSIN Unveils Cathartic Breakup Song 'Tired of Dancing'

Published on June 04,2021 by Haley Martin

Do you feel it? The cold wind blowing on your deserted heart after a breakup? ROSIN knows it too...

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Dream SMP By Amanda Fagan

Published on June 02,2021 by Craig Fagan

This girl is really, really good. She's kind of a cross between Olivia Rodrigo and Olivia...

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