Ervin Munir Releases 'Carolynn'

Published on February 22,2023 by George Davidson

Ervin Munir, who is also known simply as Ervin within the industry, has made an impressive return...

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Intoxicated - Crossing Belt

Published on February 21,2023 by Timmy Lovers

Personally I think it’s difficult today to understand the evolution of the alt-rock scene, with...

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AJ Whyte Returns With 'Back To The Water'

Published on February 15,2023 by George Davidson

Once again, AJ Whyte has exceeded my expectations by releasing a song with me clinging to it like...

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Big Toks Teaches The Right Attitude With 'Never Slackin'

Published on February 08,2023 by Jade L

In a way to appease and show his appreciation to his fans, Big Toks released a music video for...

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Singer-Songwriter Javiere Inniss Delivers Captivating Debut Album ‘Life Beyond Everything’

Published on February 08,2023 by Alice Smith

Singer-songwriter Javiere Inniss releases his debut album ‘Life Beyond Everything’ along with...

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Yung Pre Delivers Fascinating New Track “Underdog”

Published on February 07,2023 by Max Johnson

Yung Pre has been making his mark on the music scene for a number of years now with his polished...

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Julia Thomsen And Marie Release 'Travelling Through Wonders'

Published on February 07,2023 by George Davidson

With the release of 'Travelling Through Wonders', Julia Thomsen and Marie, a sound design artist...

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Jessica Cotten's 'Edge Of The Wilderness' Is Open About The Heavy Topics

Published on February 03,2023 by Taylor Williams

Jessica Cotten is the indie electro-pop artist with a purpose. Her debut EP, 'Edge of the...

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Debut Single, 'Never Stop Believing' By Da Exiles

Published on February 03,2023 by Laura Phillips

If you’re a fan of hip-hop music and are looking for a UK artist to hit the spot, then look no...

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The Cuza Deliver The Sublime And Reflective With "A Life Full Of Colour"

Published on February 03,2023 by Florence Katt

The Cuza are a five-piece Manchester band who combine many and varied eclectic musical influences...

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