Chilling Out In The Moonlight

Published on June 24,2020 by David Pearce

Moonlight Parade are three friends from Worthing. Ben Todd is the lead vocalist and acoustic...

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Setting Sail For Success

Published on June 23,2020 by David Pearce

The Mariners are four Midland lads with a love of classic 60s pop. They consist of Luke...

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Ashley Singh Hits The Sweet Spot On '17'

Published on June 23,2020 by George Davidson

The first single I heard from Ashley Singh was his stand out hit 'Can't Look At Me'. I knew then...

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Kids Love Surf - 'OYO'

Published on June 23,2020 by Ryan Goodwin

Wow. Just as the weather is turning and we can (kind of) go outside, this brilliant dream pop...

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Mass House Release New Album 'Quarantine Machine'

Published on June 22,2020 by Sasha Davies

Where most of us have spent quarantine binge-watching Netflix and trying not to have a nap for...

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Gabi Garbutt Returns With New Synth Based Twist

Published on June 22,2020 by Nick McCoy

Gabi Garbutt has been making a name for herself over the last couple of years with a string of...

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Fresh New Tracks From Lukas Rossi!

Published on June 21,2020 by Adam Grubb

Lukas Rossi has done it again with this refreshingly upbeat and catchy album appropriately titled...

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Kev Sherry Serves Anarchic Themes With Upbeat Vibes On 'Feelgood Movie Of The Year'

Published on June 19,2020 by Florence Katt

Embracing on a solo career can be quite daunting especially for an artist who has been part of a...

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Creating Pictures In Your Head And Your Heart

Published on June 19,2020 by David Pearce

AVAWAVES are a group consisting of Ana Phoebe on violin and Aisling Brouwer on keyboards. Their...

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The Lagoons Share New Track "So Did I"

Published on June 18,2020 by Ava Muir

The Lagoons, composed of Ryan and Joey Selan, found music at a young age. Their love for music...

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